Paper plastic injection molding process

by:Lisson     2020-06-10
Paper plastic injection molding process, note 3, 8 quantity is commonly 3000 - 10000, can decide the color, usually do primary grinding and magnetic white is given priority to, or effect of pearl powder, bottle and cover with the same quality of the mother, but sometimes due to the bottle and cover with different material, the color has some difference. Screen printing with ordinary ink and UV ink, UV ink effects, luster and stereo feeling, should first play when production version to confirm color, screen printing effect will be different in different material. According to the survey, by the end of July 11, 'population day', the data is between 75 to 7. 6 billion. This type of growth, has felt the sex from the data. A lot of people begin to think about the earth's population and the earth's resources can exactly match the reality of the problem, such as how to achieve the energy consumption of the astronomical. Through the 'bridge' in shandong province to help ban area of livestock and poultry farms ( The household) To the ban area to move; Production and construction corps to strengthen services, strengthening the subsidy compensation, positive for the farmers to move, enterprise transformation to solve practical difficulties; Chengdu, sichuan province, ningbo, zhejiang province, take timely measures to stop some rectification 'one size fits all' problem at the local level. Third party governance itself belongs to a service contract. At present, the above three problem is still not solved, but nearly E20 institute in the study, found that the third governance in the field of resource recovery of industrial pollution, the phenomenon of the ground. Three, ecology, resource, or the breach of the floor will be the third party governance, no doubt, utilization, ecology will be the industry's future development inevitable trend. Source of soil pollution in China is very wide, fertilizer application, the settlement of waste gas pollutants, the accumulation of sewage irrigation, industrial solid waste, etc. , 'ten' soil release also indirectly promoting the market in the field of sewage treatment and solid waste disposal requirements. Solid waste treatment industry ten 'soil' clearly emphasized the industrial disposal and comprehensive utilization, the waste incineration power generation and renewable resources recycling industry is a big positive. Plastic is a monomer as raw material, through the addition polymerization and polycondensation reaction polymerization of polymer compounds ( 大分子) , commonly known as the plastic ( 塑料) Or resin ( resin) Style, can change the composition and form, consists of synthetic resin and packing, plasticizer, agent, agent, pigment and other additives composition selection mutation type screw with non-return ring tops, its surface hardness and wear resistance, length to diameter ratio L/D = ( 15 ~ 20) : 1 compression ratio is about 3:1. 3, glass material is relatively consistent, modelling is more, the processing technology, rich and diversification cap collocation, common bottle shape is cylindrical, elliptic, flat look, prismatic, conical, manufacturers often series bottle shape. The bottle technology on coating,, frosted, half toning, screen printing, bronzing, hot silver, etc. On the one hand, need a new sewage treatment facilities, on the other hand, need DiBiao renovation of old equipment, also for key river sewage project, to speed up the perfect source control. According to the market space will be over billions of rural sewage treatment. Rural solid waste disposal pollution also has become a big problem at present, the higher percentage of eat hutch garbage, waste of livestock and poultry breeding, gradually increase the industrial waste, and legacy of crop straw and so on, are all need to dispose of the object. 'Calendar year' held A field with all prices present A certain positive correlation. As '2013' focuses on field of air pollution, waste gas treatment, since index of energy conservation, environmental protection and saving energy and reducing consumption, excess returns significantly; 2015 'play' energy conservation and emissions reduction and governance, monitoring equipment, such as water governance subject to rise significantly. As stipulated in article 10 of 'soil' line, the deterioration of soil pollution in our country form will be effective control in 2020, then entered the stage of benign development. Work in contaminated soil in advance, soil restoration markets will also be open to the social capital, is expected to open up a more substantial blue ocean space. Environmental protection online query data learned, at present our country already has more than 50 million mu of arable land is polluted, industrial land pollution area is the same. 'Four ministries and recently on the promotion of the construction of green' area 'guidance' clearly put forward, advancing green 'area' construction is conducive to enhancing along the countries, enterprises and the public understanding and support, to share our ecological civilization and green development concept and practice of ecological protection, ecological risk and to promote and regions along together to achieve development goals in 2030. In 2017, according to the arrangement of the environmental protection inspectorate, will also to supervision of the other eight provinces, thus realizing a complete coverage of the year environmental protection supervision. At this point, environmental protection supervision has covered 23 provinces. As early as in July 2015, the 14th meeting of deep reorganization review by the protection supervision plan ( Trial) 'Make clear, establish environmental protection supervision mechanism. PET recycling 11, color printing fees and features: 6, plastic containers, ordinary ink and UV ink screen printing, UV printing ink is more widely used, word and figure have stereo feeling, more luster, not easy fade, can print multicolor effect, the impression is generally more than 1000.
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