Huaibei city cosmetics packaging printing

by:Lisson     2020-06-10
Huaibei city how cosmetics packaging printing 5, pet plastic bottle temperature does not exceed 70 ℃, and tasteless, good health, can be directly used in food packaging. 5, pure aluminium bag is higher than plating bags of about 30% of the cost of the unit price, economic order quantity is large, large manufacturers to smaller manufacturers some taller, 4 cm by 10 cm bag, for example, big manufacturer general in 100000 for the minimum quantity, small manufacturer about 30000 minimum quantity, roll film, such as do not print to do 30 to 50 kg, about 38 yuan/kg, 100 kg minimum quantity, such as printing about 45 yuan/kg, film need special filling equipment, roll film do bag number 6 cm x 9 cm, for example 10 g to about 1200 / kg ( 6 cm x 8 cm, 8 g about 1500 / kg, 5 cm x 7 cm, 6 with about 1600 g/kg) The lower the better, in order to avoid wear and tear. Is generally not more than 100 bar. Usually do not need to use. However, in the first half of this year, in the field of environmental protection by a more than 20 of mergers and acquisitions, only 2 for overseas acquisitions. According to incomplete statistics, 2016, environmental protection enterprises or participate in the establishment of the environmental protection a total of 17 overseas acquisition, mergers and acquisitions amount more than 20 billion yuan. At the same time, according to the data, in the first half of this year, A total 109, launch overseas m&a case number rose 68% year-on-year, involves the level of transaction amount is in one hundred billion yuan, an increase of about ten percent. 【 Environmental protection industry dynamic online 】 In July 2016, the environmental protection inspectorate first entered inside, heilongjiang, jiangsu, jiangxi, henan, guangxi, yunnan, ningxia and other eight provinces ( Autonomous region) And protect the supervision work. Following the November 12 to autonomous regional committee, feedback supervision opinions within, 15, environmental protection inspectorate to henan provincial party committee, province, heilongjiang provincial party committee, province, jiangsu provincial party committee, provincial feedback the supervision opinions. But careful studies you will find that in the first quarter of the environmental protection enterprise business more concentrated in the atmospheric pollution, water pollution treatment, solid waste treatment and environmental protection segment. Although the overall performance, but each sector development is unbalanced, there are even more obvious polarization. Can much starker choices-and graver consequences-in during the emergence of a new 'draught' field, as the small and medium-sized enterprise environmental protection, be sure to opportunities and develop themselves. 'Set up environmental protection inspectorate in addition to strengthen the authority of the environmental protection department itself, on the other hand is to strengthen supervision. It is worth noting that the feedback have been published in 9 cases, hebei, heilongjiang, jiangsu, the capital city of nine districts are named. Such as inspectorate in feedback of heilongjiang province, specifically singled out: the poor Harbin environmental protection of the city's 16 long-term excess emissions from coal-fired power plants in nine; 455 units per hour above 10 ZhengDun coal-fired boiler in 309 outstanding pollution treatment facilities, coal-fired boiler elimination. Guangzhou plastic injection molding machine manufacturer: PET can be recycled, material recycling, through a series of special washing or by chemical treatment to decompose PET into the raw materials or intermediates, and its purification, translate into new PET resin. 'Specifically, the garbage disposal industry from the end of the business extends to front-end waste collection, sanitation wisdom; Sewage collection business development, and gradually derived a sponge cities, urban pipe rack and other new ideas; Atmospheric pollution by the end of the desulfurization denitration dust removal, and also extend to the front the clean utilization of energy and energy-saving control. In addition to a few areas will run funds into the financial budget of the management, only a few large parts of subsidies, cannot normal operation of facilities, equipment 'sunshine' phenomenon, the facilities efficiency level of play. Large and medium-sized town sewage treatment plant operators should have corresponding professional skills. 24 on the city of chongqing industrial park is located in the Yangtze river and jialing river and wujiang river coast, the longevity, wanzhou, fuling and so on three key chemical industrial park part enterprise located at 1 km range, along the 98 chemical enterprises above designated size layout, along the Yangtze river, 62 for production enterprises did not enter the industrial park, there is a certain risk. Vice director of science Yang Chaofei said the ring principal risks in developed has entered a mature stage, and became one of the mainly to solve the problem of liability for damages. A lot of mandatory an action on the system. Germany, for example, the act of responsibility requirements, all domestic business ring responsibility risk must be covered; In the United States, such as ring responsibility insurance is part of the project, that is to say if the engineering involves the pollution risk must be covered, otherwise can't project contract. Protection department recently reported on July 6 ~ 8 beijing-tianjin-hebei and surrounding areas to strengthen the supervision of air pollution. On July 6, 28 inspection check 272 companies ( Units) Problems, and found that 89 companies. Problems in the enterprise, belongs to the 19 'messy' problem, not installed seven pollution treatment facilities, the normal operation of pollution treatment facilities 13, volatile organic compounds ( VOCs) Governance issues of 34, materials not covered by the requirement, sealed 14. PET of vitrification transformation temperature about 165 ℃, the crystallization temperature range is 120 ~ 220 ℃. PET at high temperature has a strong hygroscopicity. For glass fiber enhanced PET material, also very easy to bending deformation at high temperature. Perfume bottles of bladder is glass and PP. The lower the better, in order to avoid wear and tear. Is generally not more than 100 bar. Usually do not need to use.
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