How to design eye frost hose in guangzhou cosmetics packaging?

by:Lisson     2020-11-11
Eye cream is also a exist, protect skin to taste is very important in a skincare brand must have a eye cream, eye cream can prevent fine lines eye problems such as dry lines, and so on cosmetics packaging customization guangzhou yanshuang hose, we should grasp what design?

first, eye cream hose design printing design in general, hose made of PE plastic and aluminum composite material, eye cream hose two materials for the design of the color requirement is as follows:
1, PE plastic hose can't print stack of color design, so design PE eye cream packaging, brief strokes suggest no gradient design of offset printing words or patterns, that artists have certain art strength, of the graphic design remember to use the vector graph, as bitmap enlarged have serrated edges, which can cause when printing edge is not neat, bitmap screen printing cannot be printed not clear at all;

2, lu: su hose advantage is the ability to print the patterns of the complex, but the downside is that under the screen printing have hot stamping process, there is no PE plastic tube level, general lu: su hose do screen printing hot stamping with text dislocation phenomenon, this is currently limited to process, is not very good. Thus, lu: su hose design as far as possible the pattern of the design is given priority to with offset printing, color control within 8 colors.
the second, the position of the pattern, put the size and the location of the LOGO
and it is also crucial, generally eye cream is 19 mm diameter hose, pattern design cannot too much, our experience is: positive LOGO design not greater than 25 mm wide, especially for aluminium tube width on the back of no more than 20 mm.

because if more than this number, is likely to be in production, cover the text, the text is incomplete. When the design must take into account this problem and solved, otherwise it may cause a lot of material scrap.

so, how to design a good eye cream hose?

guangzhou cosmetics packing co. , two Suggestions are given:
1, looking for factory work experience designers, because they understand printing equipment technology, and have seen very eye cream hose samples, know the innovation, knowledge of how the design can ensure the printing effect is not discounted.
2, direct cooperation with guangzhou cosmetics packaging factory, general factory is equipped with the designer, they are all provide free design service, so that customers save money and worry, and we provide is the product of the best, worth your trust.
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