Dongguan xiang in the introduction to the disadvantage of plastic

by:Lisson     2020-05-13
Plastic is widely used in life, is a little many. But the advantages of plastic is also flawed, below, with xiang small make up in the plastic shortcomings: 1. Recycling waste plastic, classification is very difficult, and economic not worthwhile. 2. Plastic is easy to burn, burns produce poisonous gas. Such as polystyrene burns produce toluene, this kind of material a few can lead to blindness, suction have the symptom such as vomiting, PVC combustion will produce toxic gases hydrogen chloride, in addition to burning, is the environment of high temperature, can lead to plastic decompose toxic ingredients, such as benzene. 3. Plastic is made from petroleum refining products, oil resources are limited. 4. Plastic buried in the ground hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of years, also does not decay. 5. Plastic heat resistance is poorer, such as easy to aging. 6. With plastic not natural degradability and it has become the no. 1 enemy of mankind, has also led to the deaths of many animals. Animals such as monkeys at the zoo, for example, pelicans, dolphins, will ingest visitors with throw bottles 1, finally because without digesting and painful way to die; Looks beautiful and pure sea, near the look, actually, gone with the wind, crammed with all sorts of unable to oceans contain plastic, intestines in Dead Sea birds more sample, found all kinds of plastic cannot be digested. In the above is the dongguan xiang plastic the disadvantages of small make up to you. More plastic in the related information in dongguan city cheung plastic products co. , LTD.
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