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Do you like the packaging of cosmetic tube

by:Lisson     2021-03-02

Every girl may have a lot of cosmetics. Bottles and cans are filled with makeup tables. Didn’t you say that there are no ugly women, only lazy women. In so many cosmetics, is the packaging of the tube more comfortable to use? What are the cosmetic hose packaging?

1. Toothpaste

Toothpaste is also a cosmetic. I didn’t expect it. If you don’t believe me, go and look at the instructions on the back of the toothpaste. What kind of makeup brand is the executive standard? The executive standard of our cosmetics is the same. Most of the toothpaste we use is packaged in a tube. Now there are some toothpastes that can be pressed on the market, but the overall feeling is that the tube is more convenient and the key price is cheaper.

2. Facial cleanser

Facial cleanser is also common in cosmetic tube packaging. It is very convenient to put it next to the sink and squeeze it out by hand.

3. Barrier cream

There are two kinds of isolation cream in bottle and tube. At present, these two kinds of packaging are more commonly used in the market. Basically it can account for about 50%.

The existence of cosmetic tube packaging is actually inseparable from its ease of use. No complicated operation is required, just press or squeeze it. Another is that this kind of packaging will squeeze the cosmetics inside very cleanly, and there will be no waste. So everything exists for its reason.

What are the channels for cosmetic hose customization?

For the significance of packaging, in addition to the normal storage of products, it also has the purpose of upgrading product grades. The same is true for natural cosmetics. Its inner packaging has undergone earth-shaking changes with the development of science and technology.

At present, most cosmetics on the market use cosmetic hoses, because it is more convenient to use and store. In order to keep up with the market trend, many people have begun to make changes, using new types of packaging, but in order to ensure that the nature of the product is consistent. , These hoses need to be customized, so where can they be customized? Let's take a look at the customized channels.

network platform

Knowing that it knows everything, it can solve all the intractable diseases encountered in life for everyone. When you need to find a custom channel for cosmetic hoses, you can try Zhihu Search, so that everyone will know what channels are available. It has been realized. Of course, there are many similar customization agencies on the current network, which can meet everyone's actual needs. You can choose reliable manufacturers for customization.

Advertising company

In addition to the network platform, some entity advertising design companies can also achieve the design and production requirements of cosmetic hoses. You can choose a more professional company nearby to achieve mass production.

Do cosmetic hoses need to be disinfected?

Cosmetics are indispensable items for many girls, and every girl has a few cosmetics more or less. When going out for fun or gathering with friends, most girls definitely have to put on makeup before going out. However, when traveling or going out for a few days, it is impossible to take all the cosmetics at home. After all, some cosmetics are large and inconvenient to carry, and it is not practical to buy them outside. The best way is to use cosmetic hoses. But after using it for a period of time, should I disinfect it?

1. Can be eliminated or not

After using the hose for a certain period of time, it must be cleaned. If there are more cosmetics, there will be a lot of residue in the hose. Some people worry about bacteria in it, so they disinfect the cosmetic hose. In fact, after using for a period of time, the hose can be disinfected or not, after all, the inside of the hose does not directly contact the outside world.

2. Use ultraviolet disinfection or expose it to the sun

If you want to sterilize the cosmetic hose, you can use ultraviolet light to sterilize it. Use ultraviolet light to irradiate the hose to complete the disinfection; you can also put the hose in an ultraviolet disinfection cabinet and use the ultraviolet rays in the disinfection cabinet for disinfection; you can also put the hose in the sun, after all, the sun also has ultraviolet rays. Some people would think of using alcohol to disinfect, but this operation is difficult, and the alcohol must be put in the hose to perform the operation, which is not as convenient as UV disinfection.

Cosmetic hose can not only bring convenience, but also contribute to environmental protection

Cosmetics are everyone's daily necessities, especially for girls. Everyone has the so-called love of beauty, but cosmetics are an essential part of everyone's path to beauty.

The traditional cosmetic packaging is made of plastic bags or other hard materials. It is not convenient for everyone to carry around in terms of weight or protection. However, the new cosmetic hose effectively solves this problem. It can let beauty go with you. Everyone can solve the makeup needs in time, because the hose has a certain elasticity to cushion the extrusion, and it is lighter and easy to carry.

Its existence brings great convenience to life, but in actual use, its benefits are not only that, it also has more invisible functions, let's take a look at it together.


The invisible effect of cosmetic hoses is actually quite a lot, and the most obvious performance is green environmental protection. After the traditional packaging is used, it is not easy to absorb and cause pollution to the environment, while the hose can be recycled and reused, which can save resources. At the same time, it protects the environment. Moreover, because of the convenience of hose packaging, people may have greater demand for cosmetics. Everyone will buy multiple and place them where they are needed. This invisibly can promote consumption. GDP.

There are many people who know cosmetics, but not many people know cosmetic hoses

Every woman's dressing table is full of cosmetics, and often this batch is not used up, and the next batch is bought back home. It can be said that most women now know cosmetics well, but not many people know cosmetic hoses.

1. What are the types

According to the number of layers, it is generally divided into single-layer, double-layer and five-layer. There will be differences in various parameters. Double-layer hoses are more common. Some low-end cosmetics will also use single-layer hoses. According to the color, it can be divided into transparent tube, colored tube, frosted tube, etc., with different visual impression and hand feeling.

2. What's the effect

The main function is to separate cosmetics and gases, prevent oxygen from oxidizing key ingredients in cosmetics, prevent external odorous gases from invading into cosmetics, and firmly lock the fragrance and key ingredients of cosmetics in the tube.

3. How to assemble

Only cosmetic hoses are not enough, and hose caps are required. Of course, hose caps are also divided into caps of various shapes. After the cosmetics are installed, they will be sealed and printed with the production date.

4. How about the price

The quality of the hose is different, the price will also be different. For example, some hoses need to be multi-color printing, some need to be hot stamped or silver, and some need to add silk effect. The corresponding production price is also higher.

Knowing the knowledge of these cosmetic hoses, I believe many people will understand why the price of cosmetics varies greatly.

Nowadays, girls pay more and more attention to their own dress. Almost all the girls you see on the street have elaborate makeup. The demand for cosmetics is also increasing. In fact, cosmetics are everywhere in our lives, and there may be some hidden cosmetics that you don't know. So what are the types of cosmetic hoses? Let's take a look.

One, facial cleanser

Facial cleanser is a must-have every day. Facial cleanser is also a kind of cosmetics. For facial cleansers, most of them are hoses, which are convenient for us to squeeze.

Second, hand cream

A pair of beautiful hands is a great temptation for people. Therefore, no matter what age group, hand cream is necessary, and most hand creams are hoses, and hose sizes are also varied, and generally small ones can be carried with you.

Three, isolation cream

Isolation cream is also a common cosmetic hose. It is an important skin care product to protect the skin. It is mainly used to isolate ultraviolet rays and play a role in sun protection. Isolation cream generally comes in bottles and hoses, of which hoses are relatively common.

Most cosmetics in life are made of hoses, because hoses have many advantages, which are convenient to carry and store. They are not only practical, but also cosmetic hoses with various patterns can be made, which makes many girls and young girls feel angry.
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