Difference between PET and PVC plastic packaging industry

by:Lisson     2020-05-16
At present, the consumers to drink more and more attention. PET plastic bottles are safe, and PVC are unsafe. According to research, not only plastic bottle itself, if the outer packing with PVC, are likely to contain plasticizer, to infiltrate the drinks. 'PET' logo is hard to find in our country, almost all of the carbonated drinks, milk tea, mineral water, lactic acid bacteria beverage is the use of plastic packaging. Contains most beverage bottle bottle will be printed with a '1' or '2' number of triangle, around them will also write English letters. Number '1' representatives' polyethylene terephthalate, English letters for the 'PET' number '2' represents high density polyethylene, for 'HDPE' in English. The plastic logo is aimed to facilitate recycling, if know, consumers will be able to pass the id know the use of plastic products are made of what material, also can feel free to use. According to GB/T18455 - 2010 packaging recycling logo 'request: the volume of more than 100 ml of plastic bottles and packaging, must be intuitive symbols indicate the circulation of the plastic type appearance, seal or official seal in the plastic packaging materials. In addition, in terms of ( GB - T16288- 2008). - - - - - - - - - - - - The sign of plastic products' pointed out, drinks the sign on the full name should be 'containing recycled and processing plastic products' labels. The logo is black commonly, also can use other bold colors, demand is not easy to fade or fall off not easily, molding products, the color of the logo may be the same with the color of the products. , according to the national standard and each piece of products is a commonly, the position of the flag should be in accordance with the regulations of the product standard. General should be located in a conspicuous location on the plastic products. PVC is not suitable for used as a beverage packaging (above GB - T16288- 2008). Also pointed out that in national standard is out of inconvenience or identification of plastic products, can be identified on the outer packing. Most of beverage bottles are on the market by the 'PET', 'HDPE' or 'PP' material, can find this kind of recycling symbol in the bottle. Generally speaking, the beverage products will be to do with the plastic packaging, but in addition to the PP material, all of the plastic products can not be heated, or filling high temperature objects, otherwise it will release harmful substances, cannot be used again and again. Materials such as PVC is commonly used in building materials, plastic film and raincoat, resistance to high temperature of 81 degrees Celsius, but contains plasticizing dose ( Also known as' plasticizer) More plastic than normal, if plasticizer in high temperature, or fat, will incorporate both. Probably of plasticizing agent in PVC materials will migrate into the drink. PVC don't used as a beverage, oil product packaging.
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