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by:Lisson     2020-06-10
Bayinnaoer city mainly by cream bottle do plastic material such as polyethylene or polypropylene and add made from a variety of. Widely used plastic bottles polyester ( PET) , poly ( PE) And polypropylene ( PP) As raw material, add the corresponding, after high temperature heating, through plastic mold after blow molding, extrusion blow or injection molding of plastic containers. Is mainly used for drinks, food, cosmetics or solid disposable plastic packaging containers. Plastic bottles is not easily broken, low cost, high degree, food grade raw material, etc. 3, plastic printing surface, can be the site of consumer attention. Printing surface should be smooth, continuous, if plastic bottles containing handle, grooves, the reinforced structure, such as design should pay attention to when printing operation inconvenience. Oval plastic bottles, rigidity is high, but the mould manufacturing cost is higher. So to ensure the stiffness of plastic bottles, in addition to choose the material with high rigidity, but also by the shape of the plastic bottle design, enhancing stiffness and load resistance strength of plastic bottles. A, preheat to treat like treat life and ecology, construction of beauty, to create a good production and living, contribute to global ecology. Ecological civilization construction in our country since how effective they are. How are the ecological civilization system reform. At the meeting to be held in October 23 afternoon, finance team wei-min Yang, deputy director of the office of the protection group, the minister li ganjie gives a transcript of reform at the scene. 'To develop the family farm management, encourage the land contract right circulation, or encourage long-term lease, be conducive to the protection of the ecological agriculture. 'The English said, this is the basic direction of rural land system reform. But no matter how to change, it is a basic principle cannot be changed, namely the land public ownership, to ensure that the economic society, it also revised 'land law' one of the basic principles. Towards a new era, ecology has become an indispensable key link in the life. Green with green concept to guide the beautiful dream is stronger on the 18th at qinghai delegation conference, delegates, qinghai yushu Tibetan autonomous prefectural military shows a photo. The photograph called chain ', the three children back plastic bottles filled with a rope strung together, containing all kinds of rubbish. Over the next 10 years, the monitoring equipment market in line with the growth rate is expected to reach about 20%. Of course, the light will buy will not use. Now there are many enterprises not fully play the role of environmental protection equipment, and whether to run, or there are some problems. How the service life of environmental protection equipment, make pollution to cure thoroughly, also let money is not wasted, which makes environmental protection equipments related, after-sale service integrated into industrial chain. 10, screen printing film to Yin, graphic effect for black color, background color, bronzing, hot silver process to a positive, graphic effect for, background color for the black color. Text and design ratio cannot be too small too thin, otherwise the printing effect. A 8, thermal convex word process, plastic, printing after need not blow convex stereo effect is obvious, thermal convex word with fluorescent powder, matte and the effect of a variety of color, the color green technology ( In greeting CARDS with more) At the same time, the future will hold 7 to trading institutions, to undertake unity market trading service task. Trading institutions in such aspects as trading rules, trading, requirements completely consistent, enterprise can choose any trading agency. At present, the carbon quota allocation overall scheme have been confirmed, the specific calculation formula is still in for advice. 'Multi-purpose pay' mechanism, therefore, for saving the water resource, water resource utilization efficiency, and the development of reclaimed water use is of long-term value. The opinions of the issue, also aims to further promote agricultural water price reform, improve the urban water supply price mechanism, etc. Data show that the water supply price is generally low compared to the cost. 吗? 吗? Local overseers and change. 'Crossover', is becoming not not to say the story of the environmental protection field. And mature with the development of green economy, policy only grow overweight, ecological can become the norm, environmental responsibility further compaction, this piece of trillions of blue ocean will attract more advance wave upon wave. Joint, collision, mergers and acquisitions, turnaround, the drama of competition never end. ( 2) Cannot see or smell as the goal, to prevent secondary pollution in some repair project, but also to see, can't smell as the goal, some technology is very obvious in secondary pollution, some technologies affected soil, some technologies changed almost the whole of the top layer of soil. We need to rethink our starting point, how to regulate technology application will need a constraint on the laws and regulations. In addition to the first quarter of 2016, the environmental protection industry keep growing profit index, generally higher than that of a-share firms during this period, the smooth and the industry's profitability and solvency, is expected to improve. Annual report found that since 2012, climbing performance. Pure and fresh, for example, essentially flat with 2011, 2012 net profit but 2012 - — In 2017, basically keeps the growth rate of around 50% a year. In the identification of the goods, urged to test in the oven. Special introduction, PET reel in the whole market is very lack of supply of goods, generally above 80 cm to 120 cm in length, 3 - in thickness 5 wire film price is very high, White) 。 Ten plastic bottles, carton guangzhou manufacturer to introduce to you the plastic bottle production, as shown below:
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