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Zhanjiang daqo cosmetics wholesale market

by:Lisson     2020-11-25
Zhanjiang, old name 'guangzhou bay,' nickname 'sunshine city', is the guangdong provincial level city, a county-level cities, districts and counties. Located in the southernmost tip of mainland China in zhanjiang leizhou peninsula, is located in the three provinces interchange YueGui Joan, south China sea on the other side of the qiongzhou strait and hainan province in the south, west beibu bay, backed by southwest, east connected to maoming. Low latitude region, which is located in the south of the tropic of cancer, is a tropical and subtropical monsoon climate, at the age of the Marine climate regulation, no cold winter and summer without the heat. Subtropical crops and Marine resources are rich, seafood is famous throughout the country. Developed land, sea and air transportation in zhanjiang city, west guangdong and beibu bay economic circle economic center, is China to southeast Asia, Europe, Africa and Oceania the shortest voyage port city, zhanjiang is the Chinese navy in the south China sea fleet headquarters. In one of the first batch of coastal open cities across the country, since years, successively obtains 'sanitary city of guangdong province', 'civilized city of guangdong province', 'China excellent tourism city', 'national model city' achieved ', 'national standard green city', 'national garden city', 'China top ten leisure city' and other honorary titles. In addition, the economic and trade of zhanjiang is also quite developed, many wholesalers from all gathered here. So, I believe in the cosmetics industry friends must be very want to know where is zhanjiang cosmetics wholesale market, the following will tell one by one by universal cosmetics network to you. ( In no particular order) 不。 New era integrated market: chardonnay Shen sichuan road south mountains comprehensive market, a new era in zhanjiang city, guangdong province chardonnay Shen mountainous sichuan road south, across the 4, next to the lingnan snack street, comprehensive market two parts of the garment, food, transport facilities, product variety, the price is cheap. Bus: the people's square: road; Lk. Lk. Lk. Lk. Airport special way; The airport shuttle road NO. Station clothing wholesale market: warom road, south station market meters distance zhanjiang railway station, bus terminal meters distance xiashan, zhanjiang airport, miles from guangdong purple city bus terminal is located in the south station market side. Zhanjiang south station clothing wholesale market is the yuexi region's largest clothing wholesale market, operating a variety of ladies fashion, men's shirts, suits, casual wear, sportswear, children's clothes, old outfit, small articles of daily use, footwear, hats, underwear, towels, etc. Bus: south station wholesale market: the road; Lk. Lk. Lk. The inner ring road; The outer ring road; Lk. Lk. Lk. Airport special way; Airport special way; The south sea GuXiaShan line NO. Zhanjiang yiwu small commodity city: Shen sichuan road in zhanjiang yiwu commodity city is in zhanjiang city many long group plans to invest in the construction of professional market, located in zhanjiang city, one of the three main Shen sichuan road, male according to xiashan and guangdong prudent and westward fortress city. Zhanjiang yiwu small commodity city held the foundation stone laying ceremony on February 2nd. The project planning a total construction area of thousands ㎡, after the completion of first market will be the difference between the main hotel supplies, labor insurance supplies, big crafts ( Festive supplies, decoration, wooden arts, flower art) Categories such as outside of the house department, daily cosmetic, style of ornaments, and differentiation of professional market. Bus: general machinery factory: road; Lk. Lk. Lk. Airport special way; Airport special way; The south sea GuXiaShan line editor: huang rui
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