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The disadvantages of colored plastic hose

by:Lisson     2021-01-20
In addition to the medicinal hoses hose, health products and daily cosmetics hoses, more plastic tube are widely used in the beverage industry. Careful observation, it is not difficult to find in the beverage industry is the plastic hose more in the colorless transparent packaging PET plastic hose. Especially in fruit drinks, in order to be able to better highlight the characteristics of products, although the juice taste is different, but the use of plastic hose packaging is consistent. Transparent plastic hose don't have to worry about completely block the taste of the juice, makes the product on the shelf is more gorgeous, dramatic.
in fact, for our consumers, using a transparent colorless plastic hose relative to the color is more security. Colored plastic hose in the process of recycling relative will affect the quality of the regeneration, workers also more troublesome, and if a colored plastic hose production does not pass, lead to off color, mixed with product. These are the safe hidden trouble that influence people health, in order to ensure the recycling of plastic hose effect and safe to eat, we advocate colorless transparent plastic hose.
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