The design of the cosmetics hoses, hose cosmetics factory give you advice

by:Lisson     2020-05-15
The design of the cosmetics hoses, hose cosmetics factory give you advice hin fly hose is a collection of 'brand strategy, creative design, production, logistics' four comprehensive hose cosmetics packaging company. From multiple dimensions provides: locking customer target audience, commodity brand selection, market positioning, product kernel culture refining, product brand image construction, the outward appearance image design and a series of services, we are flying hoses hose as cosmetics packaging overall solution provider, aims to create real best-selling products for our customers. Cosmetics, the appearance of the hose packaging is a brand to create a beautiful packaging design can effectively the appeal of the audience's eye, a good packaging design, also represents the values of your company. If you want to design a practical beautiful cosmetics box, please consider the following points. 1. Target market you are about to make the packing design is based on customer's, so it is necessary to understand the target customer. Every market attracted by different things. A girl can attract the design may not attract the mature female; Men's cosmetics packaging design is different from the female's packaging design. Once you determine the target customer, you current popular highlights on the products and packaging design elements to do some market research. You don't have to copy their design, but you can draw inspiration from among their cosmetics box design. 2. Brand cosmetics brand identity is to relay the correct information in the packing, so consumers would gain a better understanding of your company. Packaging design is an extension of the identity of the company. Consumer perceptions of the company product packaging always affect their perception of the company identity. For under the same brand of different product lines using a variety of packaging design is also the company's common practice, especially those large enough to make the products diversified company. 3. Cosmetics market marketing and distribution strategy distribution strategy you need to consider, where is your target customers will meet your product, online sales, small shops or in big shopping stores, not a significant difference between the two methods in the design, but the key is to make sure that your product is easy to stand out in the dozens of products. In the large shopping store shelves, luxury packaging design is more likely to be found by the buyer. However, in a small boutiques, you need to meet are usually more mature and fashion consumer. Luxurious design may not work, but simple and easy packaging design is probably the most effective method. 4. Product packaging layer when it comes to matters of cosmetics box design, you may need to consider two levels, inside the bottle and, outer-package generally refers to the customer from the entity shop to buy the product will often see the outer packing. Joe is stored within the product, to prevent products caused by collision in transit. Generally choose sponge, plastic, EVA material. 5. Key no matter what the shape of the box packaging, you don't want to let the package completely blank. Every product needs a name, and packaging need product information, so that buyers can understand them to buy the product. When a buyer, he will look for more information on the packaging to persuade them to buy. Unfortunately, most people don't spend too much time to consider, this means that the packing is only a short period of time to deliver the most important information of the products. This key messaging is the focus of the box. In addition to these, can also through the following design elements highlighted the messages. 1) Style, color and text in persuading people to buy cosmetics played a vital role. You can use a combination of a kind of ideal to attract people's attention and stand out from the crowd, and match your brand identity. Such a design can be difficult to use one color to do this, but there are countless combinations can explore. Language is also important. To ensure that text easy for customers to see. Use contrasting colors and unique font is an effective way to achieve this goal. 2) Logo: you can have two Logo of cosmetics. One is the company logo, the other is a product identification. Its corporate logo and brand identity appear on the product packaging. Logo on the packaging, however, is more dominant, usually located in the front. Just like any other logo design, it must be really represent the main characteristics of products. For example, using the main component of its performance, the effect of it, or its expected effect. Disclaimer: the cause of the new advertisement law, my company's product pictures are processing, part of the graphic from this web site or adapted from the Internet, the main purpose is to information sharing, let more people to obtain the required information, all peer originator, such as to infringe your rights or copyright please inform us, we will be deleted in 24 hours!
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