Plastic bottles packaging from all walks of life to change trend of cosmetics packaging materials

by:Lisson     2020-05-15
Plastic bottles packaging change trend from all walks of life to an, the space is narrow and the plastic packaging bottles in the industry of environmental protection has been talked about for years, including mold using troubles, insufficient, and now the foreign market order has obvious drop, many manufacturers turn to the domestic market, so the domestic market competition is more and more fierce, including changes in consumer behavior, many enterprises are hard to survive in, now above the manufacture of the plastic bottles, few companies are willing to put design r&d production; And we have just said is an, yes, this is good, is a big advantage to sustainable development and environmental protection, but also cannot ignore the user experience, such as & other; Ice dew & throughout; He is such, but seem to be very low, small make up I do not want to buy, feel is not good, and don't look good, this is the user experience, if the user bought a feel uncomfortable to use so consumers must be to buy other products; And too thick on the packaging of Coca-Cola, said although the environmental impact big waste and carry heavy at the same time, still a lot of people to buy its products; Small make up an is also a suitor, says these are not speech is an bad, but said we must not only be an, using an good even at the same time, combined with the user experience, product integration advantages, product packaging design, break through the bottleneck of an now; And that is about to die, because each new packaging products production, must design the mold, then development, this is very time consuming, a mould machine is very big, this need a very rich design personnel, if can do a mold only need to change inside the bottle model, also don't need a whole change down; Of course, these are yet to be developed, as a manufacturer of us, it should be according to the changes of the market at any time to change their strategy, achieve enterprise's sustainable development.
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