Plastic bottles of still good in the future

by:Lisson     2020-05-19
Over the years, plastic packaging by oil resource depletion and environmental twofold problem. People in the past for a long time that oil is non-renewable resources, and in the foreseeable decades will consume a light. As a raw material of plastic bottle, if oil dried up, and the natural plastic bottle packing also can not be produced. There is another problem is that many environmentalists think plastic pollution to the environment, or restrictions on the policy should be cancelled. In the face of these two points, the author can be very specifically, is not out of the question. First of all, with the progress of shale oil technology, makes the capacity of oil resources up hundreds of times, the concerns of the light oil in the short term, plastic packaging materials problem solved. Secondly, plastic bottles, especially, the recovery rate of PET bottle packaging compared to some, the recovery rate of metal products, such as a much larger percentage. Thanks to the value of the plastic bottle packaging recycling. So plastic pollution is exaggerated. Based on two points, we believe that the plastic bottles for a long time in the future will still very fascinating.
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