PETG cosmetic containers, the preferred material for daily household, health care products

by:Lisson     2020-05-27
Takeaway PETG with the transparency of glass and close to the glass density, excellent gloss, resistance to chemical corrosion, impact resistance, and easy processing, injection molding, injection blow molding and extrusion blow molding. Also can produce the unique shape, appearance, and special effects, such as bright color, frosted glass, marble texture, metallic luster, and so on. And you can also use other polyester, elastic plastic overlapping or ABS plastic injection molding. Chinese name: PETG plastic English name: Poly real ( ethylene terephthalateco- 1, 4 - cylclohexylenedimethylene terephthalate) Chemical name: poly dimethyl benzene ethylene glycol ester - 1, 4 - Cyclohexane 2 methyl ester PETG is a kind of transparent plastic, as the amorphous type copolyester, copolymerization of unit 1, 4 - commonly used PETG Cyclohexane 2 methyl ester ( CHDM) 。 It is made of terephthalic acid ( TPA) And glycol ( 如) And 1, 4 - Cyclohexane 2 methyl ester ( CHDM) The product of three kinds of monomers by ester exchange method of polycondensation, 4 - more than PET Cyclohexane two methanol unit of copolymerization, with PC PCT of plastic raw materials more than glycol copolymer unit, as a result, the performance and PET, PETG PCT, has its uniqueness. Thermoforming performance characteristics 1 plus 2 toughness 3 weatherability 4 simple processing five good chemical resistance 6 environmental protection seven economy of chemical and physical properties PETG type is a kind of transparent noncrystalline copolymer polyester, with the increase of CHDM in the copolymer, drop melting point, glass transition temperature rise, crystallinity decreased, the final formation of amorphous polymers. General PETG CHDM content at 30% 40% more appropriate. Has good viscosity, transparency, color, resistant to chemicals, and the ability to resist stress whitening. Can quickly heat molding or extrusion blow molding. Viscosity ratio of acrylic ( Acrylic) Good. PETG products highly transparent, excellent impact resistance, especially suitable for forming of thick wall transparent products, processing and forming excellent performance, can be carried out in accordance with the intention of the designers of any shape design, can use the traditional extrusion, injection molding, blow molding, blister, molding method, is widely applied in the plate sheet, high-performance shrinkable film, bottles and profiles etc in the market, at the same time, the second time processing performance is good, can undertake conventional machining. Injection molding process conditions of PETG permission range is wide, than PET and has a transparent, the comprehensive properties of high strength and high toughness. PETG material typical applications include: low medical equipment ( In vitro, reagent bottles, etc. ) ; Low cosmetics packaging material, Cover, lipstick tubes, such as perfume cream container bottles, cosmetic box, deodorant packaging, talcum powder and eyeliner pen cap, etc) ; Toys, display, light cover, protective mask, the refrigerator plate, etc. In front of the injection molding process conditions dry processing: processing dry processing is a must. Humidity should be lower than 0. 04%. Recommended dry conditions: South Korea SK PETG drying conditions for 60 ~ 65 ℃, 4 - 6 hours and pay attention to the drying temperature does not exceed 65 ℃. Screw temperature: 220 ~ 290 ℃. Mold temperature: 10 ~ 40 ℃, the proposal is 25 ℃. Injection pressure: 300 ~ 1300 bar. Injection speed: without cause embrittlement can use high speed injection. Injection molding process parameters of low cleaning machine: before using the PETG, must use transparent PC or PS material or special screw cleaning agent ( Such as plastic xu jie) Washing machine, do not use transparent PMMA, ABS, and, AS the washing machine and other transparent material washing machine, or materials in the barrel will produce chemical reaction, cause the product mixed color is not transparent. Dry low temperature: 65 ℃ to 70 ℃, 5-6 / h. Low temperature of gun barrel: 1, MTK 230 ℃ - 260℃。 2, 235 ℃ - JinKouJi 265℃。 Low hot runner temperature: 240 ℃ 250℃。 Low mold temperature: it is recommended to use before and after die after frozen water or water cooling mold, mold temperature range: 15 ~ 40 ℃. Low shot gel time: according to the size of the products, thickness and length for the corresponding adjustment. Low cooling time: this material the slower cooling rate, the viscosity, should according to the thickness of the mould structure, product set appropriate temperature and cooling time. The main gate of the ejection Angle in 3 - to design 5 ° or the runner is easy to die. Shot rubber pressure/low speed: the first section ( Into the glue dots) Using low-speed medium pressure, the other USES the medium voltage at a moderate speed. Low beam glue location: according to the mould structure and combined with the velocity pressure setting corresponding reasonable injection location. Low back pressure: appropriate back pressure can strengthen the plasticization of rubber and the help of the exhaust function, suggested use: 5-10 KGF/c ㎡. Low RPM, low RPM can prevent the rubber temperature is too high, suggested use: 60-90 RPM, is 60% 70%. Low screw rotation pressure: 70% 90% ( This material viscosity is higher, the smaller the screw rotation pressure is not easy to turn the screw) 。 Low buffer layer: it is recommended to use 5-10 mm range of buffer layer, on the one hand, can prevent the material degradation due to stay a long time, on the other hand can reduce injection pressure loss. Low residence time: rubber gun barrel in the stay time should be controlled within 5 minutes, should be more than 5 minutes to empty gun barrel can continue plastic beer, otherwise easily degradable materials became brown and crisp.
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