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High-end cosmetic packaging design?

by:Lisson     2021-03-01

 The goal of high-end brands is to get a share of the high-end market. Of course, high-end consumers are not small sheep to be slaughtered. High-end products are characterized by high prices and high quality. High quality not only refers to the quality of the product itself, it also needs to be reflected in product packaging and after-sales service. In this issue, Haohe will share with you some experience in high-end cosmetic packaging design.

  Before packaging design, we must first have an in-depth understanding of social factors, corporate culture, product characteristics, market environment and the characteristics of target consumers. Based on the knowledge of these conditions, the packaging has a preliminary positioning based on these conditions, and then the lust and style can be considered to form a preliminary idea of ??product packaging.
High-end cosmetic packaging design
   So, what kind of packaging design can help the brand build the high-end image of cosmetics?

  1, creativity.

   Unique ideas may not always impress others over time, but if you put forward this idea and make people think that you are the first, this will give priority to the attention of consumers.

  2, complete.

   This completeness can be said to be complete in category or complete in functions. If it is a series of products with complete categories, then there can be a certain logic in the design of the outer packaging, and the packaging products can also be transformed into a series. If it is fully functional, then the design of the outer packaging must be able to reflect its powerful features, not only do more homework in terms of meaning, but also more articles in terms of practicality.

   3. Quality.

   is the texture that people often say. The texture of the silk scarf and the chiffon scarf is definitely not in the same grade, and the well-made laptop must be different from the rough one. Therefore, in addition to the design patterns and text on the surface of the packaging products, the materials of cosmetic packaging should also be carefully selected. For example, the editor of the lipstick shell feels that metal is more textured than plastic.

  4, shape

   shape is also a very important part of cosmetic packaging design. If it is a simple style, you can directly choose a more regular shape, simple but generous. If you go for a luxurious style, then choosing the basic shape is not enough. You can also add some more subtle modifications.
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