Domestic cosmetics bottle packing should be both 'traditional'

by:Lisson     2020-05-18
Now, cosmetics bottle packing in the fashion of young people on the aesthetic appearance and chase was very successful. Many cosmetics companies know their own consumer groups are mainly young people, so try to close to the young man's aesthetic, track their preferences. As a result, a lot of cosmetic packaging on the outer packing update changes very quickly, even some series is according to the form of a quarterly or annual change and improvement. Can say in the field of packaging, cosmetics bottles iteration speed is very fast. For cosmetics enterprises pay attention to the young consumer groups, and strive to meet and follow their demand is understandable. The author thinks that, however, some emerging cosmetics enterprises especially small, too heavy a sense of fashion and trend, cosmetics bottle packaging in terms of both 'traditional' and the classic but not very good grasp. Let's take a look at the 'I' dior perfume bottle, has long maintained a classic image of international well-known cosmetics companies usually have a classic series of cosmetics, cosmetics bottle packaging will also retain the traditional elements. Only in this way can establish brand image in the consumers' mind, this is worth thinking about domestic cosmetics enterprises.
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