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by:Lisson     2020-06-10
Tieling shampoo packing to do 2, ABS: belongs to the engineering plastic, not environmental protection, high hardness, not directly with the cosmetic, food, in acrylic cosmetics packaging materials are generally cover, inside shoulder sleeve material. Yellow or milk white in colour. Emulsion pump: 18/20/24 was, mold temperature. Die temperature directly affect the cooling speed of melting and the degree of crystallinity, degree of crystallinity is different, the plastic pieces of different performance. Usually, the mould temperature control in 100 ~ 140 ℃, when molding thin-wall plastic parts, desirable small value; Thick wall molding plastic parts, desirable value. Nowadays, our country completed the 20000 or so basic position, covering 99% of the counties, 98% of the soil type, 88% of the major grain-producing areas, preliminary build. 'As the act of soil pollution, the detection system and other related fields will also be focused on by capital, once established, will guide the industry to develop in the direction of more standardized, some technical advantages of enterprise could benefit. On this basis, the 'method' regulation units unlicensed discharge, breach the blowdown, material fraud, monitoring, without interest and other five kinds of penalty clause. The clear focus and simplified methods and units sites of production and business operation is located by the protection of the level of district-constituted municipalities issued by the competent department in charge of emission permits. 【 Environmental protection industry dynamic online 】 Product prices rose sharply in the third quarter of this year, cycle industry, in addition to the supply side to stacking capacity demand a better-than-expected push, their production of environmental protection, the expected output contraction of also contributed to the price rise. But it is worth noting that green stocks did not benefit from environmental protection to leak, as a whole remains weak. Capital and legal boards are lacking, however, at present, the problem of funds is soil repair industry faces a big problem. The fixed capital mainly comes from the soil, the second is polluting enterprises and land, including industrial agricultural business and real estate developers. However, rely on the dominant money certainly makes industry affected by fiscal policy, especially the financial burden. 8, thermal convex word process, do not need to hit convex just after printing has obvious stereoscopic effect, thermal convex word with fluorescent powder, matte and the effect of a variety of color, the color green technology ( In greeting CARDS with more) 5, distributor of more complex, generally including: dust cover, press the head, press pole, gasket, and spring, valves, valve cap, pump body, straws, ball, Have a ball, glass ball) 。 Bottle caps, dust cover can do non-ferrous, electroplating, can be set of electrochemical aluminum circle. Due to a set of pump head involves mold is more, and order quantity is larger, the minimum quantity of 10000 - 20000, delivery date 15 days after the confirmation sample - 20 days, white and universal common stock. Five, 'printing technology based on Fu Tao dean mentioned' a core of the two deltas 'industrial ecosystem, to be able to get through the utilization of industrial pollution control channels, form the ecological industry chain, is the third key point of management may be born. Therefore, in the current, the resource recovery of industrial pollution or the breach of the floor will be the third party governance. '2 + 26' city concrete in Beijing, tianjin, shijiazhuang, tangshan, hebei province, baoding, langfang, cangzhou, hengshui, handan and xingtai, taiyuan, yangquan, changzhi, jincheng, Shanxi Province, jinan, zibo in shandong province, liaocheng, Texas, binzhou, jining, heze city, henan province, zhengzhou, xinxiang, hebi, anyang, jiaozuo, puyang, kaifeng. Environmental protection industry of niche asset-liability ratio is too high indications, among them, 2016 to sort out asset-liability ratio was 54%, and the atmospheric area averages 59 asset-liability ratio. 9%, the field of solid waste of asset-liability ratio has reached 60. 4%. As procurement expand coverage, the ability to pay is facing huge, under PPP boom should be more vigilant about concentration of financial risks. These just coming into the 'growth' of environmental protection equipment with this heavy industry look forward to - — Rebrand environmental premium at the same time, also for the smart new native kinetic energy. So, the environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry will be reshaped and how to deal with the transformation of power under the new norm. Brewing industry is generally believed that 'much starker choices-and graver consequences-in' during the existing environmental protection equipment industry chain will have an impact, even the new pattern of the formats. Comprehensive environmental protection report shows that many days on May 17 - 22, strengthen the supervision of the total number of inspection found problems companies every day more than 7 into, 20, 79 the day. 0%. Recent again meet what challenges so, environmental protection personnel. What other measures to strengthen supervision. To strengthen the supervision has lasted for more than a month - — For days issue rate over into April 7th July, 5600 environmental protection from deploy staff, transmission channels of beijing-tianjin-hebei and surrounding '2 + 26' city in the period of one year to strengthen the supervision of air pollution. 3 other requirements 4, hose cover shape diversity, generally can be divided into flat head cover, round epicranium, high cover, lift the lid, super flat cover, double cover, the spherical cap, lip gloss cover, plastic cover can also be a variety of craft processing, bronzing, silver, non-ferrous lid,, fuel injection, electroplating, etc. , pointed mouth cover and lipstick cover are usually equipped with a plug in. Hose cover for injection molding product, hose for tubing, hose cover itself does not produce most of the hose manufacturer. 10, cap process for electrochemical aluminum engraving, hot stamping, etching lines, a dumb color light color, should cooperate with gasket and inside pressure sensitive piece of used to strengthen the sealing effect.
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