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by:Lisson     2020-05-17
The global cosmetics packaging industry seems to be quickly recover from the global economic crisis, appeared again in this year's growth, but at the same time there are some different: today the industry more consumers in emerging markets such as Asia, South America as a guide. China, India and Brazil's new consumer groups began to shoulder leading cosmetics packaging industry with European and American consumers may not be surprising. But according to the November 10 - 12, held in Hong Kong asia-pacific beauty show interview feedback, the quick development of emerging market is causing concern in the cosmetics packaging industry managers. Headquartered in Rhode Island, David kotok compression and injection molding PortolaTechInternational company President RickSchofield said: 'over the next five years, the global cosmetics market will have a large part of the overall growth - About two-thirds - From emerging markets. 'He said. ' we are the main supplier of European and American luxury skin care products market. These have mature market development in the future as fast as fast as the Asian market. 'Schofield said, business restructuring the company invested $5 million, including building a new factory in south China region, at the beginning of 2010 and put on the factory capacity has doubled in the Czech republic. In addition, the corporation in the United States of Kentucky Bardstown inoue inoue YutakaMatsui packaging group co. , LTD. , executive vice President, said strong demand in emerging markets surprised him, especially in the Chinese market. He said, about 80% of the overall growth in emerging markets from China, the demand for high quality cosmetics and packaging are rising, which also by Chinese companies. He said: 'in China, may purchase such products accounted for about 10% of the population, the proportion is more than the Japanese market. , 'Matsui said his company is interested in the plastic packaging business expansion in China and Mexico, but he also mentioned that the company still have a little doubt it, to see whether or not these markets can keep growth itself, then letting go. He admitted that he to the company in 2010 by more than 25% sales growth was 'very surprised', including from international brands such as estee lauder and new business in the emerging world. He said in an interview on the show: 'we in the global order of magnitude and busy as a bee. 'In Italy, a small cosmetic packaging manufacturer agrees cosmetics industry is turning its attention to emerging markets. Headquarters is located in the Italian Osnago Brivaplastsrl said the company's business development manager BrunoBoccardo, before 2008, the global cosmetics packaging industry's annual growth rate of about 4%, but under the impact of the financial crisis fell to about 2%. And now, he estimates that global growth back to 4%, but among them, the BRIC economies - emerging - Brazil, Russia, India and China About eight to emerge The strong growth of 9%, while traditional markets in the developed countries only close to 2. 5%. Asia Boccardo said: 'now have become the main power to promote the industry. Brivaplast company has 150 employees, has a factory in China. The opening of the exhibition in Asia Pacific beauty news conference, the exhibition organizers said that beauty show has become the Asia Pacific region at the second-largest cosmetics exhibition, the largest in the world beauty exhibition held in bologna, Italy, than the company of similar beauty exhibition held in Las Vegas and Istanbul scale. Boccardo, says he thinks the future of Asia Pacific beauty exhibition is expected to become more important than the world beauty exhibition exhibition.
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