how to design and print cosmetic boxes for cosmetic packaging for less

by:Lisson     2020-02-17
For small businesses, it is very difficult to spend money on their products because of the budget.
But at the same time, product display is very important and necessary in the following aspects
Sales of products and orders to increase sales.
Cosmetics cannot be sold without proper professional packaging.
People hesitate to buy sub-
Because these products will affect their bodies.
Here are the tips for designing and printing small budget cosmetic packaging.
Design packaging you can easily design your own makeup box using Adobe Photoshop.
To start designing for your packaging, you first need to measure the size of the cosmetic container that fits inside the box.
You need to measure the length, width and depth of the container.
After measurement, you need to calculate the open size of the paper used to create a custom box.
To calculate the opening size of the paper, you can use the formula below. Sheet Width= (2 x width)+ (2 x Depth)+ 0. 5 + 0.
25 pieces of height = (2 x Depth)
Length 1 0.
25 once you get the paper size, then you need to open a blank document in Adobe Photoshop.
Make the width of the document equal to the width of the paper calculated using the above formula.
Similarly, make the height of the document equal to the height of the paper calculated using the above formula.
Once the correct size document is in front of you, you will need to place the cosmetic box template on it and start designing your box.
You can easily get the makeup box template from some online printers.
When designing the box, you need to make sure that all the images you use are high resolution.
The best print resolution is 300 dpi.
Finding a reliable printer is also one of the most important tasks.
Once you have a reliable print source, you can easily hand over the work to them based on all your print needs.
You must be very careful to find the print source for your box.
Today, many companies from China and other countries are offering online printing services.
You need to make sure that the company you run is a legitimate company with a physical address here with us.
You should be able to contact your account manager easily at any time.
Print your BoxesSend high resolution artwork to the printer of your choice.
Please make sure your file is correct and there is no spelling error before sending the file.
Print the final artwork file from the laser printer and check if everything is printed correctly with proper bleeding edges.
You can use email to send the file to the printer, upload the file at the printer ftp site, or use any online file storage site.
POP of cosmetic box please customize your box for your potential customer in cosmetic store.
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