Hose cosmetics packaging can fully guarantee the content of chemical properties

by:Lisson     2020-05-14
Hose cosmetics packaging can fully guarantee the content of chemical performance hose cosmetics packaging can fully guarantee the content of chemical properties at present, the market of cosmetics packaging is multifarious. Only hose cosmetics packaging will include plastic bottles, plastic boxes, plastic bags, plastic hose, etc. In recent years, with the rising popularity of cosmetics, raw materials, the advantage of low cost, less packaging has been rapid development. Occupy the mainstream of the cosmetic packing market, mainly for the cleansing products, skin care and beauty salon. At present, the commonly used plastic hose cosmetics packaging mainly lu: su composite hoses, plastic composite hose, plastic hose co-extrusion, etc, can satisfy the various needs of cosmetics packaging. There is no doubt that the prime function of cosmetics packaging is to protect its contents. The main composition of cosmetics is fat, water-soluble polymer and surfactant. As is known to all, such as glycerin, protein is the material basis for the microbes to grow, and oxygen and water are the influencing factors of microbial growth; Fat in the unsaturated bond easy to oxidation, cause rancidity and metamorphism, produced oxide, acid, aldehyde, etc excitant material, and issue a putrid odor. Thus, oxygen is the most important factor which causes cosmetics metamorphism. Hose cosmetics packaging, therefore, need to have good gas barrier properties, can effectively prevent the infiltration of oxygen and peculiar smell gas, at the same time prevent the fragrance and the content of effective component. As you can see, in this standard, only the detection of sheet oxygen permeability, after the hose cosmetics packaging production there is no specific provision in the oxygen permeability of the whole pipe body. Need to test? The answer is no. Because cosmetics packaging overall sealing performance and the amount of oxygen through the tube directly affect the storage of the change of the original attribute of the cosmetics and toiletries, cosmetics packaging hose oxygen barrier performance testing is relevant enterprises must pay attention to and control. Cosmetics packaging forms are diverse, including various shapes and specifications of plastic bottles, composite bags, all kinds of shapes and specifications of glass bottles. Above all kinds of packaging form, sometimes also need to cooperate with color printing carton, together form the cosmetics sales packaging, improve the level of cosmetics. Fly about hin hose yangzhou xin is one specialized is engaged in the research and manufacture of cosmetics hoses, mainly used in cosmetics packaging, food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, hotel supplies, packaging, personal care products packaging, etc. Committed to providing customers with high quality cosmetics hoses and packaging solutions.
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