High-end cosmetics glass bottle

by:Lisson     2020-05-16
Glass chemical stability is good, is not easy to react with built-in objects; Good transparency, can add in the raw material of iron, cobalt, chromium, such as colorants, produce a variety of color glass bottle ( Stimulation such as amber and green glass, glass, cobalt blue glass, white glass, opacified glass) ; Good heat resistance and not easy to deformation; The compressive strength, resistance to internal pressure; Have a big density and weight, Suitable for high-end cosmetics packaging) ; Good barrier property, health, and preservation, easy to seal, after opening again tight seal etc. But at the same time, poor resistance to impact, fragile glass bottles, filling cost is high, the forming process is relatively complex, limit the application of the glass bottle. Glass is often used in high-end cosmetics or some special requirements of cosmetics packaging. From the rapid growth of high-grade skin care products and people benefit a lot of demand for glass products. In addition, the emerging cosmetic packaging bottle manufacturers should seek development opportunities on the market and constantly update their products to meet customer requirements. Glass packaging industry is difficult, slow growth in recent years, and since this year as the high pressure of environmental protection is more difficult. Cosmetics glass container surface state, composition and internal structure and its composition, structure, there is a big difference. The surface properties of glass bottles for its main properties have a significant impact. On the surface of the glass chemical stability, in fact, depends on its chemical stability and mechanical strength of glass, impact resistant performance to a considerable extent depends on the glass surface morphology and structure. Therefore, surface treatment of glass is made of high strength lightweight glass containers of one of the important technical means. Cosmetics glass container, the purpose of surface treatment is to change the container on the surface of the chemical stability and eliminate the damage on the surface of the glass, so as to achieve the aim of enhancing. Main methods are to add coating to bottle blowing, physical reinforcement, chemical reinforcement, surface acid treatment, such as plastic coating method. High-end cosmetics glass container from its visual impact and texture. Compared with other plastic packaging materials, glass cosmetic containers more simple sense and massiness, to the extent people's hearts closer to the product of high degree. Light, like the plastic packaging, go against the massiness of foil products. In addition, cosmetics glass container in appearance can do a lot of later processing, frosting, spraying, baking, etc. , these post processing craft, can rapidly enhance the appearance of glass cosmetic containers, glass cosmetic containers more artistic senses, thereby gaining promotions on temperament.
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