Dongguan plastic packaging to do

by:Lisson     2020-06-09
Dongguan plastic packaging to do film: dedicated to high performance shrink film, shrinkage rate over 70%. Can be used to complex container packaging. With high plasticity, high degree of absorption, high gloss, low degree of fog, easy to printing, not easy to fall off, when storing the natural advantages of low shrinkage rate. Apply to the contraction of beverage bottle, food, cosmetics packaging. Electronic product shrink labels, etc. 3, in the design to consider up to not more than two colors, the film to the Yin, text, pattern, line is not carefully or is too large, easy to cause broken lines or JiMo phenomenon, should be proofing confirmed before mass production, to avoid color differences. The thickness of the molding can preparation for 1 - 25. 4 mm material, has excellent toughness and high impact strength. The impact strength is 3 - modified polyester 10 times. It has excellent formability, cold bending, not white, no crack, printing and modified easily. Widely used in indoor and outdoor signs, shelves and other vending machine panel, furniture, construction and mechanical damper, etc. Building energy efficiency prospect analysis of energy consumption per unit building 2 - higher than the same climate conditions Three times. On the basis of calculation and building energy saving energy saving space ( With reference to the current advanced level) 341 billion kWh/year, of hours according to average 4500 hours of power generation, emission reduction effect is equal to peak in power generation capacity, or new clothes. 700 million kW wind power, or 310 GWP pv installed. You ask, including providing global ( GEF) Environmental protection industry, how big is the role of the water source and the secret dong ho ping has said, in the construction of environmental protection industry in some major projects 'TouDai linkage can be formed, thus the ability to resist risks. More importantly, depends on resources of covered with similar institutions, the company will be able to more quickly preempted market resources, market influence. At the same time, and avoid short-term thinking, with a view to build strict enforcement mechanism, ensure the soil pollution control step by step, the soil pollution prevention in for a long time, after all, strictly enforced, as well as scientific, open, evaluation system and prevention mechanism to make incremental soil pollution nowhere to hide. In general, on the basis of the preliminary examination, the soil pollution act 2 review content is more perfect, but there is no perfect, there are a lot of room for improvement. 'Tax-for-fees reform' for this will bring what impact to related companies. Related personnel said that is expected to maintain enterprise burden should be basic, but the specific impact remains to be green taxes imposed regulations to determine, companies are also in the positive attention and measure. More environmental protection departments over pollution information according to the statistics, from 2003 to 2015, the cumulative collection of sewage charges in 2115. 9. 9 billion yuan, pay blowdown of enterprises and institutions and individual industrial and commercial households more than 500 households. 7, glass thickness will be easy to damage, or in cold conditions are easily content crowded broken, is to be reasonable with filling capacity, on the transport application paper and single separated, on the product should be equipped with color box, and inside of the box can take to prevent vibration. Height: the circle of 400/410/415 ( Just pure specification code is not the actual height) 3, blister ingredient: officials explained that according to the terms of the budget law, tax revenue should be incorporated into the general public budget, plan as a whole for security and people's livelihood, promote economic and social aspects. Also said, including green taxes, taxes, are used in the public budget plan as a whole and not special fund is special, more accept not directly linked to spending less, more will not affect the environmental governance investment. 【 Environmental protection industry dynamic online 】 Trillions of it industry volume force, of the billions of big enterprise position up in the air, how much capital to 'offside' market. Look at the local and cross-border environmental fields, crossover and cross-border wars, collision out sparks of how. Crossover 'offside' war on environmental protection new capital rob 'match point' since the konka group announced that the winning 1. 3 billion water treatment after the PPP projects, home appliance and HuanBaoJie has been in a state of 'grilled steak'. After many years, with the rapid development of environmental protection industry, environmental protection industry mergers and acquisitions gradually mature, especially since 2015, the enterprise m&a gradually speed up the pace. 2017 merger review for the consumer, in 2017, a variety of carnival chop hand; For environmental protection enterprises, in 2017 is also a 'buy buy'. Carbon market early in financial products used for emphasis, but to establish, implement and perfect the policy of the carbon market and trade. Take and place two stage system, fixed, fixed amount, carried out concrete quotas assigned by local enterprises. In accordance with the relevant development plan, the carbon market planning in petrochemical industry, chemical industry and so on the eight key industries, then lock in three electric power, cement, electrolytic aluminium industry. And a large amount of capital, is bound to intensify environmental protection industry structural reorganization. So far, the environmental protection enterprise for more than 3 m, about hundred listed environmental protection enterprises, but in the majority with small and medium-sized enterprises as a whole. For in the environmental protection enterprise, want to rely on endogenous growth in addition to, is to rely on external mergers and acquisitions. Both foreign enterprises and enterprises in the industry, in the mergers are need to grasp the good direction. 5, injection speed PET vitrification transformation temperature about 165 ℃, the crystallization temperature range is 120 ~ 220 ℃. PET at high temperature has a strong hygroscopicity. For glass fiber enhanced PET material, also very easy to bending deformation at high temperature.
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