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Details to pay attention to when designing cosmetic

by:Lisson     2021-04-14

Cosmetics are indispensable for girls. If there are no cosmetics, girls will feel overshadowed. Therefore, girls now attach great importance to cosmetics, but the competition in the cosmetics market is fierce. Your own brand stands out, and you should also pay attention to product packaging design. Below, the editor of Shanghai Jimei Information Technology will share with you what you need to pay attention to when designing cosmetics packaging.

For most people, if they want to make their products look more comfortable, and if they want their products to look better, they generally choose cosmetics with better cosmetic packaging designs, so they look good. It is more advanced, and it will help their lives a lot. Everyone’s life style is different. If you want to make your life more satisfying, of course, when they choose products, they usually Will choose different packaging.

Everyone generally has different choices when buying products, but for most girls, they generally want to be able to buy a good cosmetics. Maybe they will look at their packaging when they understand it. Their packaging looks relatively high-grade, and some of the ingredients in them can be seen from the above. If the ingredients inside are also in line with their requirements, of course they will choose to buy such products, so the cosmetic packaging design It is also very critical. Not only can many consumers understand the ingredients in them, but also their grade can be seen from the above, and it can also make many consumers have better choices when they look at the packaging.

Cosmetic packaging is an effective way to attract customers to promote consumption while protecting cosmetics. Cosmetic packaging should be constantly innovated and reformed, so as to keep up with people's constantly changing ideas and pursuits. So, what guidelines should be followed for cosmetic packaging planning? Let's follow the editor today to understand it!

1. Environmental protection concept

In recent years, our country has paid more and more attention to environmental protection. The concept of green water and green mountains is the golden mountain and silver mountain has penetrated into various departments. From the perspective of ecological protection, cosmetics packaging materials should be increasingly low-carbon and environmentally friendly, not only can reduce costs, Moreover, it can reduce the pressure of customers to purchase. In addition, it is a very correct choice to increase the utilization rate of cosmetic packaging, add circulation, and resist excessive packaging. As long as the road of protecting the ecological environment is taken, the brand can ensure the continuous development of the brand.

2. Application concept

The packaging of some cosmetics is very good-looking, and the bells and whistles are simple to attract consumers, but people do not buy back after the first purchase and use. Most of the reasons are that the packaging box is too tasteless, either simply damaged or unreasonably planned. Every time you use it It is very inconvenient. In this case, even if the products inside are good, it will not save the customer’s return rate. Therefore, the practical concept is that every cosmetic packaging planner must consider and follow, such as compressive ability and water resistance. , Light blocking, fragrance retention, etc., are all important factors that need to be considered in addition to the quality of the product itself.

Third, the concept of humanization

The largest consumer group of cosmetics is female friends. Considering from their perspective and starting from their consumer psychology, the planned cosmetic packaging is more attractive, because each cosmetics application object has a positioning, so in When planning, it can be subdivided according to the age of female friends, adopt different planning schemes, and implement different planning styles, but no matter which type, remember to reflect the level of cosmetics, and show its safety and texture.

In recent years, with economic development and people's pursuit of beauty, cosmetics, as a product that can clean and beautify, have been strongly demanded by men and women of all ages, and the beauty industry in my country is booming. At the same time, my country's cosmetics have greatly improved in terms of product quality and styling design. In particular, some domestic cosmetics are known as 'new domestic products', and their quality is no less than similar imported products, and they are enthusiastically sought after. At the same time, in recent years, cosmetic quality problems such as excessive microbes and heavy metals and insufficient efficacy have emerged one after another, which has aroused people's intense attention.

Since cosmetics are applied to the skin, hair, nails, lips and other human surfaces by rubbing, spraying or other similar methods, its safety is particularly important. Therefore, it is very necessary for us to evaluate the safety of cosmetics. Cosmetic packaging is a container and material used to protect cosmetics, facilitate storage and transportation, and promote sales during production, transportation, and sales. The primary packaging of cosmetics is the packaging container material that directly contacts the cosmetics. Cosmetic packaging is made of metal, glass, ceramic, plastic, rubber and other materials, and plastic is currently the most widely used cosmetic packaging material. It has the characteristics of light weight, low price, excellent mechanical properties, easy forming, convenient transportation and good printing performance. It can be processed into bottles, caps, bags, hoses, boxes and other packaging. Cosmetics have different forms such as solid, semi-solid, liquid, emulsion, solution, paste, block, etc. People can choose different plastics according to the cosmetic form and product shape.

At present, commonly used plastics are HDPE, PET, PP, PVC, PS, PMMA and other materials. When choosing plastic as the primary packaging, additives such as stabilizers, antioxidants, and plasticizers will be added during the processing to meet the performance requirements, and adhesives must be used in the production of multi-layer composites. The existence of these substances Will bring potential risks to the use of plastics. In addition, because the composition of cosmetics is very complex and contains a large amount of alcohol, acid, protein and oil, it has a certain interaction with plastics. For general cosmetics, the shelf life and use time can be as long as 1 to 2 years.

Prolonged contact between cosmetics and plastics may result in the migration of monomers, additives, volatiles, harmful substances, etc. in the plastics, causing cosmetic pollution and harmful to the human body, or chemical reactions between cosmetics and plastics to make the performance of plastics worse. Decrease the stability and quality of cosmetics and cause deterioration. Therefore, when using plastic products as packaging materials for cosmetics, the safety of plastic packaging needs to be considered.
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