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Hose cosmetics factory turnover of funds should not be ignored

by:Lisson     2021-01-20
Hose cosmetics, in the process of network transactions often involve the third-party payment platform, such as pay-and-escrow, etc. , there are a lot of transactions often because in a network, but payment is supply procurement both sides of the tangle of a link. Many businesses particularly buyers are often in the hope of a third party platform to ensure the security of payment for goods, this trade way gradually by the public recognition, but for cosmetics hose manufacturer is involved in a cash flow problem.
through third-party payment way, often need to buyer after receiving the cosmetics, confirmed, cosmetics hose suppliers to receive payment. The middle there is a time lag, this time payment for goods is retained in the third-party payment platform, this for hose cosmetics companies need capital turnover, a two order may it doesn't matter, if funds are a large number of transactions in the third-party payment platform, after sending the goods don't receive payment immediately, tends to be influenced by an order of production, a huge pressure for the enterprise.
the soft pipe network recommended cosmetics packaging hose supplier in cooperation or sign a contract as far as possible when using offline mode, direct trade, direct payments, accelerate cash flow. , of course, this requires cosmetics manufacturer long-term integrity management, establish good faith brand in the market.
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