dna special: 600 empty bottles of premium liquor seized

by:Lisson     2020-05-28
To sell in each Rs2k, pirates fill them up with cheap wine for a year
In a major crackdown on Christmas and New Years ago, the national excise department cracked a godown that had stored about 600 bottles of premium liquor brands.
These empty bottles, some of which will be sold to pirates at Rs2, 000, were originally filled with cheap wine and circulated as original beer during the festival.
If these filled bottles are brought into the market, it is worth at least Rs50 lakh.
\"This fake wine was meant to be sold to revelers for Christmas and the new year.
Two days ago, we caught three smugglers at Ghatkopar and Chembur, who loaded cheap liquor into high-spec empty bottles --
End the brand, seized 60 bottles of empty bottles.
Based on the information we got from them, we raided a godown in Darawi and seized 2,000 empty bottles, empty cartons and labels. Led by inspector Mukund Bilolikar and Subhash Jadhav, under the direction of national excise commissioner Dr Sanjay Mukherjee and vigilence and law enforcement director Prasad Surve
When the department was looking for the owner of The absconded godown, it had arrested two people.
There are high-end brands such as blue label, Black Label and bailing in the empty bottle.
The official added: \"A bottle of empty bottle of Blue Label, retail price is around Rs26, 000, sold to pirates,\" he said, the total value of the seizure, including the vehicle, is around the 19 th. 34 lakh.
Pirates, in turn, fill the bottles with cheaper premium brands and pass them out as originals.
These brands can also be sold to consumers at a slightly lower price than they are charged on the market.
Although five people are mandatory
Stars, license rooms, clubs and other retail outlets break Scotch whisky, single malt whisky and tequilas bottles of imported premium brands and deface or remove labels from IMFL empty bottles, it is difficult to ensure that individual consumers follow the rules.
These empty bottles discarded or sold to raddiwalas are used by pirates to sell replicas.
\"These bottles have a wealth of brands and if they enter the market, the value of these bottles will exceed Rs50 lakh,\" the official said . \".
A state consumption tax official said there was a racket consisting of various links that purchased empty bottles from kabadiwalas and recyclers and sold them to pirates.
Officials point out that the wine is sometimes sold at a discount to one-
Day parties for Christmas and New Year, and warn that people can\'t fall victim to this temptation and can only buy liquor from licensed wine shops. In 2013-
On the 14 th, IMFL consumption increased by 7 year on year.
84% to 1,615 end.
06 lakh bulk upgrade (BL)-2013 )-14 to 1,497
62 lakh BL 2012-13.
However, sales of beer rose South at 2,986.
Lakh BL-2013-
Down from 3,169.
Last fiscal year lakh BL (-5.
78%), while the national wine (CL) also dropped to 3,210.
97 Lach BL from 3382. 99 lakh BL (-5. 08%).
However, wine consumption rose by 9.
The 71% ends at 50.
The first 46 of 56 lakh BL. 08 lakh BL. Year Cases —Arrests —Value in Rs.
2014 (to November) 491 524 7.
95 crore203454 513 3,43, 04,663 cr202410 373 4,46, 26,058 cr201378 280 1.
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