Travel with mini cosmetics packaging customization

by:Lisson     2020-05-19
Cosmetics bottles in our concept must be a big bottle, there are at least dozens of ML, even makeup products, skin care products, and day care products of sample, the sample had mostly designer cosmetic bottles. Merchants just casually took out a bottle of from the product for consumer use. After experienced more than N skin contact, cosmetics bottle bottle itself is a bacterial infection. Not only is irresponsible for consumers but also affects the effect of the product. Individual is strongly recommended that cosmetics bottles need specially designed mini sample. This kind of cosmetic bottle can capacity is small, the inside of the product only once or twice enough to use. Can imitate the shampoo bathing in the packaging bags. Such both neither are wasteful and easy to store. Zha also not cause bacterial growth after customers to use. For expensive product, such simple cosmetic bottles sample can also be used to sell, this for the product sales is also a big benefit. In the absence of a mini packaging of cosmetics bottles industry, it is bound to arouse people's attention.
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