The science of plastic bottles

by:Lisson     2020-05-16
Plastic is a kind of have a fixed shape and intensity at room temperature, but has a plastic polymer materials at high temperature. Use the plasticity, plastic is made into various shapes and performance of packaging container. Plastic bottles with its lightweight, low cost advantage, become the main liquid packaging container on the market. With the widely application of the plastic bottles, the problem of recycling followed. How should we deal with waste plastic bottles? At the bottom of the plastic bottles have a end to end three arrow pattern, which represents the 'recycled recycling', but this is not the same as can be repeated use. Want to correctly use plastic bottle, the first to find out the main components of the plastic. Each take arrows are marked in the triangle number, the number 1 - 7 refer to the use of resin type, respectively. '1' PETE: ingredients are PET, polyethylene terephthalate glycol ester, commonly used in mineral water bottles, carbonated beverage bottle, etc. Its only heat-resisting temperature 70 ℃, if contact with hot liquids hazardous substances RongChu easily, and the distortion. Especially in 10 months after recycling, can release carcinogens. Note 1 PET plastic bottles don't with soy sauce and vinegar, also cannot hold high temperature water, otherwise it will cause health problems. '2' HDPE, HDPE on behalf of high-density polyethylene material, common in white bottle, cleaning supplies, bath products. Can be reused after careful cleaning in theory, but these containers are usually not good cleaning, residual original cleaning products is easy to become a hotbed of bacteria, not recycled. '3' PVC on behalf of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), commonly used in all kinds of building materials. Material plasticity is good, but the heat is easy to produce harmful substances, toxic substances along with food into the man's head after may cause diseases such as breast cancer, birth defects. '4' LDPE on behalf of low density polyethylene, can see such a mark in the plastic wrap on the food. Qualified plastic wrap in hot melt phenomenon occurs when temperature over 110 ℃, can leave some of the human body cannot decompose plastic preparation. Therefore, cannot be wrapped in plastic wrap food together in a microwave. '5' PP representative polypropylene, commonly used in microwave boxes. This material has low transparency, low temperature environment can be repeated use cleaning, melting point 167 ℃, can be in a microwave plastic box, can be reused after careful cleaning. '6' PS on behalf of polystyrene, used in snack box. Good chemical stability under 100 ℃. If contact with strong acid or alkali, will produce polystyrene, easy to cause cancer. '7' Others generally referred to as the PC other classes, often used in space cup, bottle. Such plastic containing bisphenol A, and produce controversy. Studies have shown that the higher the temperature the more release of bisphenol A, much sooner. In the use of plastic bottles, please see the bottom of the bottle, and use them in a suitable environment. At the same time, vigilance, do not use no logo, no recycling logo of plastic recycled products.
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