Hose cosmetics packaging features

by:Lisson     2020-05-14
Hose cosmetics packaging features as closely related to the beauty industry products, cosmetics packaging need both protective hose, functional and decorative, the trinity is the future development direction of high-end cosmetics packaging. Multilayer plastic composite technology. It can make the layers of different types of plastic composite together, forming any colour and shape of the container at a time. On the one hand can make the packaging from the light, air performance enhancements; By blending the different kinds of material on the other hand, get wonderful visual effect in appearance and unique touch. Vacuum packing sadly arisen. Vacuum packing can protect contain fat, retinol and vitamin to protect skin to taste. It has higher protective strength, elastic recovery, another important development direction of vacuum packaging is outstanding functionality, it would be very important for a less complex container. Green packaging material application. Many cosmetics packaging companies have begun to pay attention to environmental protection problems, tend to choose environmental protection material, growing in line with environmental protection consciousness.
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