Traditional Chinese medicine class cosmetics bottle packaging market new outline

by:Lisson     2020-05-16
Many times we have to mention cosmetic packing market. The diaoyu islands event let Japanese cosmetics obvious decline in domestic sales, the domestic cosmetics company for catching up for a chance to occupy the market. Natural hall, damned successful achievement of the Chinese cosmetics brand from the past is not taken seriously by the international cosmetics companies, now has the international cosmetics companies have to consider the challenges faced in the Chinese market. More some predict that the future global cosmetics market will account for Chinese traditional medicine market, not only at home, in the international domestic cosmetics have very big development space. That used to export enterprises as the main direction of cosmetic plastic, there should be more proactive. As can be seen from the us cosmetic bottle factory layout, a large number of enterprises in guangzhou beauty bo set up a stall, in the international market as the first target. With the rise of domestic cosmetics enterprises and recognized by consumers, we believe that the focus on enterprises in the domestic cosmetic market can gain more opportunities in the future market. Many enterprises may think cosmetics bottles and bottle blowing technology in appearance on about the same, so it is not necessary to expand the domestic market in advance. However, it is worth noting that the Chinese traditional medicine class cosmetics market rise. Chinese medicine cosmetics bottles with traditional cosmetic bottles in texture and appearance has certain difference, more Chinese elements, layout will be conducive to competition as early as possible.
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