The material characteristics of transparent plastic, how much you know

by:Lisson     2020-05-16
Nowadays the transparent plastic is widely used in people's life, but there are still some net friends also is not very understanding of transparent plastic, so, the next, constant win packing will introduce netizens on transparent plastic bottles and function, the net friends in need can be a good reference! Constant win transparent plastic packaging to introduce you to the transparent plastic bottles, as shown in the following: is a kind of transparent plastic blow molding processing of color is transparent white plastic packaging container, after bottle preform injection molding processing to form intermediate products, and then through the form plastic blow molding processing, namely ldpe-g-nvp forming principle. Is through the transparent plastic raw materials for polyester class special materials through form a transparent bottle preform injection molding processing, transparent bottle preform after blow molding processing under certain pressure and temperature conditions, in the mold of the gun in the mu volume expansion, according to the specifications mold is the thickness of highly transparent plastic bottles. At present, the more transparent plastic used in medicine, drinks, mineral water, candy, seasoning, wrapping. Constant win transparent plastic packaging to introduce you to the material characteristics of transparent plastic, as follows: 1, PET transparent plastic material: qualitative hard, good toughness, high strength, surface brightness, environmental non-toxic, transparent and a variety of color sheet. Defect is PET high frequency thermal bonding is difficult, the price also slightly more expensive than PVC, this material has often been asked customers high-grade and environmentally friendly products to replace PVC, PET materials typically used to make the packing food, beverage, pharmaceutical industry of plastic bottles. 2, pp transparent plastic material: material of special soft, good toughness and environmental protection non-toxic, high temperature resistant, has often been made catering utensils or other high temperature resistant products packaging; But its poor plasticity, processing is difficult, the surface gloss, and process color becomes shallow, used to make disposable plastic bottles. 3, PVC transparent plastic material: soft, strong toughness, good plasticity, but make it transparent and a variety of colors, the common purpose of transparent PVC packaging masked category plastic bottles. Constant win to introduce you to the role of the transparent plastic packaging, as shown in the following: PMMA, commonly known as acrylic, transparency excellent material, the surface hardness is a bit low, easy to clean. , and is suitable for production of transparent insulation parts and the strength of ordinary parts. PS: colorless, transparent, pervious to light after PMMA, suitable for making insulating transparent parts. Decoration and chemical equipment. Optical instruments and other parts. PC: colorless, transparent material, suitable for making small instrument parts, insulation transparent and shock resistant parts. ABS: this kind of material is more expensive, promising in the field of decoration, packaging, etc. Netizens must finish see above, the transparent plastic bottle has a more comprehensive understanding! Hope the constant win packaging to the broad masses of netizens introduction of transparent plastic material characteristics as well as the role of the transparent plastic, can help to net friends in need.
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