How to identify the plastic raw materials

by:Lisson     2020-05-14
Cosmetics hoses, PP. PE. PA soft can bend, touching the hard wax sample, soapy, hitting a voice soft cutin, and PS. ABS。 电脑。 PMMA, no ductility, tapping sound is ringing. PP is approximately the same burning phenomenon and PE, there may be a small amount of black Yan, after the flame is extinguished, smell is between such as kerosene oil, non-toxic. 2. LDPE = = = soft rubber, high pressure low density polyethylene (HDPE = = = hard soft rubber, low-voltage high-density polyethylene VHDPE = = = super hard soft glue, super high pressure polyethylene light tenacity. Easy processing, good heat resistance, good low temperature toughness harder impervious, but good grinding, PE flammable, still can burn after away from the fire, burning flame under the yellow blue, black Yan rarely, in close to the flame, plastic melt dripping phenomenon, similar to the flow of the candle, after the flame is extinguished, has the obvious paraffin burning smell, non-toxic PE. Pp specific gravity less than water, float in water. Most of other plastic ratio greater than water, drowned in the water. 3. PC = = = bulletproof glue, polycarbonate colorless, transparent, and the impact strength of rubber, plastic, excellent electric properties, anti-aging, small shrinkage rate, dimension stability, PC combustion phenomenon near the PS but burning speed is slow, away from the fire will burn slowly and after flame yellow, with black Yan charcoal beam, melt foaming during burning, go out of the coma is flowers and smelly. 4. Organic glass (PMMA = = = The strength) Transparency, polymethyl methacrylate is wonderful, can be dyed various colors, very brittle crack, surface hardness, easy to wipe. The leakage resistance is good. PMMA and PS are transparent color, but different combustion condition, PMMA without carbon bundle of runaway, and it has the PS, PMMA combustion flame is the light blue, white at the top, melt foaming during burning, the unpleasant smell strong flowers and smelly and rotting vegetables and a badge. 5. PS = = = hard plastic ( Ordinary hard rubber) , polystyrene, transparent brittle crack HIPS = = = no broken gum, modified polystyrene, flexibility. High toughness and impact strength of ABS = = = ABS plastic,. Super don't glue, propylene - fine Butadiene - Styrene, easy to electroplating. High strength. Impact resistance, cold, grinding, corrosion. SAN( AS) = = = transparent no broken rubber, styrene - Propylene eyes copolymer EPS = = = plastic foam, polystyrene foamed PS primary color is transparent color, HIPS for ivory color, ABS color is light ivory color. PS. 臀部。 ABS is mainly: the difference between PS brittle, HIPS and ABS toughness is better. When bending specimen, PS is brittle crack, HIPS and ABS are hard to break, bending part pale. PS primary color is transparent color, HIPS for ivory color, ABS for shallow tooth-colored. PS. 臀部。 And ABS are flammable, take can still continue to burn after the fire, flame, yellow, and with black Yan charcoal beam, along with the Yan gas escape, PS less carbon beam, burns, near the flame of the surface of the plastic softening and less prone to drop, bubbles on the surface of PS and HIPS, ABS no bubbles and the coking status, this kinds of plastic dies from the smell of the difference is very big, PS with the single taste of styrene, ABS emit a pungent odor, have certain toxicity.
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