The packaging of cosmetics bottles you know how much

by:Lisson     2020-05-16
The future of cosmetics packaging is who master the ups and downs? Glass or plastic? In recent years, the growing market of cosmetics. In the cosmetics industry driven by strong growth in the cosmetic packing market is growing like a snowball. In recent years, the basic present a glass and plastic packaging industry two big rivals. Who will dominate the future of the ups and downs? Who are interested in following the constant win packing details about the cosmetics bottles together! Cosmetics bottles by win-win packaging to introduce you to the proportion of cosmetic packaging bottle packaging materials are as follows: from the point of the whole cosmetics packaging industry, glass bottles in recent years has been in the mainstream status, the future is likely to last for a long time, but the plastic material will gradually replace the glass, it is an indisputable fact that, from quantitative to quantitative is a slow process. Changes to qualitative changes. In the past, the glass can be accounted for 80% of the cosmetic packing market, other materials accounted for 20%. In a few years, the market may turn into a glass of 50% market share, 40% of market share, plastic and other materials such as metal, paper and other materials of the market share will reach 10%. Cosmetics packing bottle constant win introduce to you the new packaging of cosmetics bottles constantly development of new materials and new processing technology, the pursuit of new shape, has always been the focus of the development of cosmetics packaging container industry. A long-term technical engineers engaged in research on materials packaging, said: 'now, the use of materials is not only limited to glass bottle, plastic bottles, the application of new materials has become the cosmetics industry to launch new products, a way of improving existing products. 'He said, with procter & gamble ( P& G) For example, last year's 'exciting' bath brand from past hard plastic bottle material quality of a material into a more humane, soft plastic packaging. In this way, invisible, it increases the affinity of this product. 'To win the packaging to tell you about cosmetic packaging intelligent era are as follows: at present, all have been into the era of intelligence. As a fashion cosmetics bottles, it will also face new challenges and opportunities. How to blend in cosmetic packaging intelligent era, not eliminated by the market, is a trend. Through intelligent monitoring, user data through real-time transmission to enterprises cosmetics, cosmetics bottle business feedback real-time transmission to the cosmetics consumers at the same time, enhance the viscosity between the enterprise and the consumer. In addition, through to the cosmetics bottles of intelligent, in such aspects as cosmetics anti-counterfeiting will have more possibilities. For cosmetics bottle packaging enterprise, intelligent era is inevitable, we should actively respond to. Above is to win constant packaging introduce to the broad masses of netizens in the proportion of packaging of cosmetics bottles and packaging of the constantly improve, believe that through above net friends also clear cosmetic bottle packaging intelligent era has come, more than net friends in need can be reference for once!
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