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by:Lisson     2020-05-29
Chandigarh: The UT government has banned the use of plastic glasses and water bottles in its departments.
The Ministry of the environment did not use plastic bottles and glasses to give advice to the administration.
The decision was made on the instructions of the Union government.
The government of morhari issued similar orders.
The Indian government held a World Environment Day celebration with the theme of \"beating plastic pollution.
The aim is to explore sustainable alternatives and urgently reduce the production and over-use of a single productuse plastic. City-
Based on a proposal from social activist Ajay Jagga to the government, all water bottle sellers should give 50 paisa in exchange for broken bottles --
5 small, 1 liter water bottles.
\"Let\'s start the \'50 paisa plastic bottle Project\' in Chandigarh in an attempt to use the largest plastic for recycling.
In the event of any funding problems, the Enterprise Department can seek help through the CSR.
\"Cities where plastic bags are prohibited.
However, the local government failed to effectively implement the same measures because traders used plastic bags in public.
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