The pros and cons of special-shaped plastic bottles

by:Lisson     2020-05-19
As we all know, the production of plastic bottles are a lot of time need to use bottle blowing mold. Therefore, hope the appearance of the plastic bottles for plastic bottle manufacturer specifications can be consistent as far as possible, so you don't have to open mould, can save cost a lot of. , however, it is just a nice wish, the fierce market competition, for merchants, nature also hopes to stand out from the packaging, in this case, natural to the design of plastic bottles also is varied, we can see various styles on the market of plastic packaging, there are a lot of future attract eyeball, also became abnormity bottle design. For special-shaped plastic bottles, it for the packaging market is obvious. But special-shaped plastic also can bring a lot of 'trouble'. First, we will involve new mentioned above special-shaped plastic mould, this will undoubtedly increase the cost, need more resources. Second, special-shaped plastic bottles for shape reason, more disadvantageous to stacking in the transportation, from another aspect of increased transport and logistics costs. Finally, special-shaped plastic bottles in recycling also conducive to the standardization of traditional operation, increased the difficulty of recycling. But these for want to highlight the packaging manufacturer, should be able to find a solution, special-shaped plastic bottle will only more and more.
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