Plastic hose in China's development potential is unlimited

by:Lisson     2020-05-20
I believe you have learned about the hose, is applied in our daily life, a variety of hose has its unique properties, such as plastic hose is light in weight, corrosion resistance, simple installation is convenient wait for a characteristic, also not too will appear in the process of using the phenomenon of damage, cosmetics hose manufacturer place often appear in the common water processing, medical hose to appear more professional, more health, not only have good properties, its work environment also has certain requirements, generally used in medical equipment, hose market in China is large, but in foreign merchants flocked to the Chinese market, Chinese enterprises also have pressure. Abroad, many companies will use for metal pipe material, plastic hose to first is relatively favorable price, also won't have much effect in the practical application of the gap, so in recent years, the plastic hose developed very quickly. In the past ten years, in addition to plastic hose, other materials of pipe combined for less than 2% growth, but only the plastic hose growth rate reached 7%, this is how amazing figure, and after years of development, its growth rate steady at around 4%, but the rapid growth of output or at an annual rate of 7%, look from this data will know how much its development potential. In our country, starting in the seventy s has been the emergence of the plastic hose, the eighty s, is to realize the reform and opening up, is widely used in engineering construction, in the last twenty years, China's plastic hose industry has made great development, is not only in quantity, in the product specifications, product performance, the quality of the products, cosmetics, plastic hose has made great development, by the end of 1999, the production of plastic hose business has more than 2000, under the condition of introducing the foreign advanced equipment, our country now production capacity has reached 1. 6 million tons of plastic hose, the actual production more than 1 million tons, this is the market of plastic hose, the scale continues to expand. As the construction industry as the pillar of the national economy, construction pipe has become a hot market now, plastic hose development up to now, mainly PE pipe and PVC pipe, and also in constant innovation and development of new plastic pipe products, in order to meet the demand of the market, the enterprises have been mass production progress, both in style and quality guaranteed, level more than ever before have great progress, the overall level also has reached the international standard, in the national construction projects, construction of drainage pipe 80% are using plastic tube, cosmetic hose on the water supply and heating are also using the plastic hose, involved in all aspects. Hose has been popular in China, especially with the speeding up of the pace of urban construction, the plastic hose also became indispensable industrial products, Shanghai grasshopper specializing in the production of industrial hose, plastic hose, ensure the quality at the same time also can provide a good service.
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