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by:Lisson     2020-05-18
Let's talk about this perfume, perfume packing also falls into the class of cosmetic plastic bottle, in order to make the personality of perfume to make it stand out, many brands do not hesitate to spend heavily to build the outer packing, resulting in waste of resources; However, the repeat utilization of perfume is not high. High-end cosmetics brand in our country, the advantage of cosmetic plastic bottle will be put up to the best use of, and this also indisputable fact that the market application, high-end product differentiation, needs to be done that will greatly improve the requirements of packaging, plastic bottle manufacturers want to do so into the high-end market, we must shift from thinking, increase spending on product appearance, just can have greater development; At the same time, because now the consumer consumption level thinking are the brand, to eliminate a lot of small brand products.
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