Three important advantage analysis of hose cosmetics packaging

by:Lisson     2020-05-15
Three important advantages of cosmetics packaging hose hose cosmetics packaging three important advantage analysis 1. Reduce the inventory cost and risk: the customer demand for rapid delivery hose manufacturers to increase production capacity, direct print hose products need to inventory, cost is higher. Cosmetics packaging hose delivery cycle is short, only need to bare pipe inventory, can reduce inventory risk. 2. Cosmetics hose knead for high strength characteristic requirements of material have excellent kneading resistance; Pursuit of uniqueness and excellence in cosmetics hose materials using feeling. After filling the deformation caused by the seal require cosmetics hose is more and more excellent softness, ensure smooth throughout the application process, the appearance of the attractive; 3. Cosmetics hose widely application field, weatherability cosmetics hoses demand can withstand harsh challenges, in practical use, for example, used in sunscreen cosmetics hoses need to pass strict resistant to sunlight, high temperature and high humidity test. In recent years, the traditional metal and glass containers daily chemical properties has been gradually replaced by light plastic hose package. Investigate its reason, we can found that the make-up hose has the following advantages: cosmetics hose is convenient to use, clean, bright and beautiful. As a result, they are widely used in cosmetics industry cleanser, hair conditioner, hair dye, toothpaste and other products packaging, and topical creams and ointments pharmaceutical packaging industry. Hose cosmetics packaging economic, convenient, easy to carry. Even at high intensity around the body after kneading, it still can be restored to its original shape, and stick to its outstanding appearance. Data show that 60% to 70% of the hoses used in cosmetic industry, 10% to 15% of the hoses used in the pharmaceutical industry, about 5% of used in food industry. Therefore, how to better improve through the hose cosmetics product planning concept, strengthen the cosmetics hose decorative effect, more quickly to attract consumers' attention, in line with the brand temperament, one of the important subjects for end users. Fly about hin hose yangzhou xin is one specialized is engaged in the research and manufacture of cosmetics hoses, mainly used in cosmetics packaging, food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, hotel supplies, packaging, personal care products packaging, etc. Committed to providing customers with high quality cosmetics hoses and packaging solutions. Telephone: any cosmetics hoses demand, please tell us, we will give the best cosmetic hose solutions. In order to let you better understand our company, please visit our company website: https://www. yzxinfly。 Hose com specializing in the production of cosmetics. Factory direct sale! Fly hose connection hin jiangsu the treasure biological technology co. , LTD. Address: contact person: Shao Xiansheng mobile: WeChat: phone: /
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