What are cosmetics hose resistance performance test oxygen hose

by:Lisson     2020-05-14
Cosmetics hoses have plastic bottles, plastic boxes, plastic bags, plastic hose, etc. In recent years, with the increasingly common cosmetics, packaging with the raw material used to rapid development, as well as advantages of small, low cost and is now the mainstream of the cosmetic packing market, mainly used in cleansing products, skin care products and beauty salon products. At present, the commonly used in cosmetics packaging plastic hose is mainly including lu: su composite hose, all plastic composite hose and plastic extrusion hose, can meet the various needs of cosmetics packaging. No doubt, the prime function of cosmetics packaging is to protect the contents. The main composition of cosmetics is fat, water-soluble polymer, surfactant, etc. As is known to all, such as glycerin, protein is the material basis for the microbial growth and reproduction, and oxygen and water are the influencing factors of microbial growth; Oil in the unsaturated bond very easy oxidation and rancidity deterioration caused by, and produced oxide, acid, aldehyde, etc excitant material, and gives off rancidity odor. Thus the oxygen is the most important factor of cosmetics metamorphic. Cosmetics hoses need has excellent gas barrier performance, can effectively prevent the infiltration of oxygen and peculiar smell gas, at the same time prevent the content fragrance and effective ingredients. Can be seen that this standard is just on the sheet of oxygen permeability testing regulation, the hose is made after the whole pipe body oxygen permeability is not that clear. Is that there is no need for detection, the answer is no. For cosmetic packing sealing performance of the whole and the tube body oxygen through directly affects the amount of the storage life of cosmetics and the change of original nature cosmetics, cosmetics hose resistance performance test of oxygen is related enterprises must pay attention to and control index. Cosmetics packaging form is various, mainly include: various shape and size of plastic bottles, General should pass exquisite decoration printing) , composite bags, Generally also should pass packaging printing, commonly used in cosmetics economic bag or a low-end cosmetics packaging) And various shape and size of glass bottle, Including jars and narrow mouth bottle, is commonly used in the high-end cosmetics or volatile, easy penetration, cosmetics packaging, containing organic solvent such as nail polish, hair color, such as water, perfume and toner packaging) 。 Form of packaging for the above, sometimes bright with to match the color printing paper carton of cosmetics sales packaging, in order to improve the grade of the cosmetics.
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