Worldwide epidemic spray bottle market demand is growing rapidly

by:Lisson     2020-05-18
For now, the new virus epidemic swept through the global, each country suffered serious test. Under such background, the people know the importance of the big alcohol, disinfectant. In such background, the domestic plastic spray bottle manufacturers market orders a surge in demand. In the past, the plastic spray bottle is mainly used in cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, xiaosha now become the largest market demand in the plastic spray bottle. At present, the plastic spray bottle market demand shows the characteristics of a few more uniform. First of all, the plastic spray bottle of rapid growth in demand for a short time, those orders general cargo is urgent, it is best to the spot, the settlement also is given priority to with cash. Second, as domestic epidemic control and mitigation, the plastic spray bottle market demand from domestic to overseas market. Export of plastic spray bottle orders started rising. Again, the demand of the plastic spray bottle orders are unified, generally 50 - 100 ml of plastic spray bottle. , however, we think that the outbreak of the plastic spray bottle order demand is short, don't blind investment to expand line equipment, to keep the disease progress and the market demand.
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