What are the la shan au plastic packaging company

by:Lisson     2020-06-09
What are the five good au plastic packaging company, blister and press time: promote the iron and steel industry such as low emissions. Pollution emissions, implement standard within a time limit. To carry out the excess emissions of diesel truck special projects. Deepening water, soil pollution, the chemical oxygen demand (cod), ammonia nitrogen emissions will drop 2% this year. The implementation of the comprehensive control in key river valleys and waters, black smelly water body. Intensify the building of sewage treatment facilities, perfect the charge policy. Guangzhou plastic factory on the other hand, need new sewage treatment facilities, on the other hand need DiBiao renovation of old equipment, also for key river sewage project, to speed up the perfect source control. According to the market space will be over billions of rural sewage treatment. Rural solid waste disposal pollution also has become a big problem at present, the higher percentage of eat hutch garbage, waste of livestock and poultry breeding, gradually increase the industrial waste, and legacy of crop straw and so on, are all need to dispose of the object. Environmental protection equipment production and sales growth of independent products share significant environmental protection issued the first half of 2017 air situation report, in the first half of this year China's air, especially in beijing-tianjin-hebei region rise but not fall. Air pollution has a long way so, problem solving, become the main direction of the current our country industry development. Advance is a two step method of bottle blowing blowing very important one step, it is to point to in the blow molding in tensile rod falling at the same time began to blow, make the bottle preform begun to take shape. Position of the process of blowing, blowing blowing pressure and flow rate are three important technological factors. This stage has entered into the phase of investment as the core of the industry development. Typical business: BOT, Invest - — Transfer) 、TOT( Acquisition of investment -- — Transfer) The development of environmental protection industry is experiencing how. After 2015, the first formal landing implementation of new environmental laws, the author puts forward the concept of execution, to face the emissions binding forces into effect. Because the PET macromolecular contains aliphatic, has certain hydrophilicity, aggregate compared to water at high temperature, when the moisture content is more than the limit, in the processing of PET molecular weight drops, products with color, crisp. Trapped here, in front of the processing must be carried out on the material drying, the drying temperature is 150 ℃, more than 4 hours, generally is 170 ℃, 3 - 4 hours. Air-launched available to test whether the material completely dry. 1, vacuum flask, lid, shoulder sleeve, vacuum pump,. Relying on air pressure is used. The collocation of the nozzle recommand the chicken head ( Have all plastic also have is make out with a layer of electrochemical aluminum) , the duck mouth flat head out bread with a layer of plastic. After 5, some products need to filling and sealing, and sealing to is divided into: straight grain and sealing, twill and sealing, umbrella sealing, star sealing, sealing, sealing can ask in sealing in code to print out the required date. Engineering three basis points, one is the governance, including depth of 'growing', the second is a one-stop services, engineering support; Third, the equipment manufacturing. Is this a few aspects of the talent requirements. What kind of talent management industry is lacking. With previous studies ', 'there are engineering field is no longer a need to simple talent, but demands interdisciplinary talents with interdisciplinary background. A change is the name of the enterprise burden depends on the determination of local specific tax rate for green taxes. According to the reform of taxes and fees burden of translation requirements, green taxes lower limit and the discharge levy tax is consistent, therefore the name of the burden of change depends on the specific place according to the identified green taxes tax rate. 【 Environmental protection industry dynamic online 】 Environmental protection the PPP in the capital markets are flawed, not only effectively the municipal requirements, and effectively play the folk capital investment activity. Under the help of the PPP, the capital market will be more active, the development of the economy will be more healthy, trillion-dollar market space will be accelerated release. 3, drawing, burning on the lighter when a pull wire, wire pull long is not long, and then pull out the wire break, look at the middle of the breakpoints, silk is rolled into the small circle, the more volume of high melting point. Measurement of measurement: ( Is actually a nozzle of a dose) Has two kinds of peeling measuring method. Error in 0. 02 g. Also use the pump body size measurement. PET bottle embryo general use of hot runner molding, mold and injection molding machine template have the insulation board, its thickness is about 12 mm, and heat insulation board must be able to bear high pressure. Exhaust must be sufficient to avoid local overheating or fracture, but its vent depth generally not more than 0. 3 mm, otherwise prone to flash.
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