Warm congratulations on my company website version online in English

by:Lisson     2020-05-15
Congratulations to our company English website version online respect of customer: with the continuous expansion of the company, the style of the original company English website and content has far cannot satisfy the needs of customers and overseas markets, to the broad masses of old and new customers to further demonstrate the company's size and strength, understand the company's products and services. Company website redesign again in English, increase the network propaganda. Our new English website on December 31, 2019 officially revised online! Welcome to browse, click on browse! English website WWW. 化妆品, 管。 Com Chinese website WWW. yzxinfly。 Com in the new website is still constantly improve, if you have any comments and Suggestions welcome message to us, also can call our service hotline or contact, so that we can do better, thank you! ShangQi! Jiangsu's treasure biological technology co. , LTD. Address: contact person: Shao Xiansheng mobile: WeChat: phone: /
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