Using the Internet in court accused of selling cosmetics brand merchants

by:Lisson     2020-11-25
Recently, the Shanghai xuhui district people's court accepted in striking network default selling cosmetics brand. (date) (month) (year), Shanghai sincere beauty cosmetics co. , LTD. ( Hereinafter referred to as 'is the company') Find a businessman in xian default sold sincere beauty products on the Internet, the stop invalid, if the company with the Shanghai xuhui district people's court. Default (date) (month) (year), trial merchants realized its behavior effects, in court issued a written pledge, solemnly apology and promised to the company no longer on the net sales of cosmetics, the company at the same time, the defendant in the trial are no longer claims confiscated ten thousand yuan deposit, and then pay ten thousand yuan compensation to the plaintiff, lift the cooperation contract. Is the beginning of the company and taobao, online registration shop allegedly did not have the right to sell honest beauty products, the infringement of the legitimate rights and interests is the reputation of the dispute, the first trial ended taobao be ordered in accordance with the law of the people's court to provide online store identity information, and available hours of Posting on taobao, eliminate the influence for sincere beauty company. At this point in order to protect, purify the market environment, maintain the rights and interests of consumers and manufacturers are not affected by the network, if the company network has no right to sell out of action has made breakthrough victory.
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