Cosmetics packaging plastic bottles in the process of production process method

by:Lisson     2020-05-15
Plastic bottles in the production process in the production process in the process of plastic bottles method includes: extrusion, injection molding, blow molding, calendering, laminating, casting a variety of ways. Plastic bottles, blow molding, plastic is heated to melt, and then pressed into a special blowing mold and internal air pressure, differential pressure, plastic forming, the shape of the final product, because of the pressure bottle shape, so the point is inside the bottle itself, when the temperature reaches a certain degree, will soften plastic, pressure resistance, therefore, the bottle will become smaller and smaller. In some of the processing characteristics and production of plastic bottles, and to ensure that the production process of using good quality and performance. The following are some of the plastic processing features different aspects: the first: high shrinkage reinforced plastic shrink plastic than the average pressure, mainly by thermal contraction chemical composition and structure of contraction. The first of a variety of plastic shrinkage factor. Than ordinary epoxy phenolic resin, epoxy phenolic resin, unsaturated polyester, etc. , a minimum shrinkage unsaturated polyester material factors, such as the shape and the thickness of the contraction, big thick wall plastic parts, such as plastics and glass, including fiber loading small volume contraction, volatile content is also very suitable for big shrinkage, formation pressure, volume shrinkage, the cooling load of heat shrinkage rate, lack of big curing shrinkage. Will affect the use of plastic bottles, in order to reduce and prevent the use of shrinkage is an important phenomenon is an important factor in atrophy, affect the actual result. The second: highly liquid plastic bottle than average pressure of liquid resin reinforced plastic material is easy to loss of excessive accumulation and glass respectively. Formation pressure and temperature will increase significantly, liquidity is composed of many factors, some of the material liquidity assessment, influence must be specific analysis, the influencing factors of liquidity. Plastic bottle packaging how to win customers support? With the rapid growth of the society, it increasingly win the user's personality packing due, in this era of rapid, users in order to better recommend products to customers, needs the help of plastic packaging container co. , LTD. , a with personal characteristics, is your taste of plastic packaging, the best way to win the customer to pay. All along, the plastic packaging is the mode of production in large quantities, plastic bottle manufacturer also can only rely on to win the profits of production in large quantities. Because a single plastic bottle of profit is very low. Need through the mold to shape at the same time, the plastic, so, if you need a personalized plastic bottle need to open mould again. However, with the development of the market, the high-end luxury goods consumption by the market more and more popular. The younger generation of people demand for personalized packaging more and more intense, more and more big. Coca-Cola launched last year, for example, Coca-Cola personalized plastic bottle label, printed on the label in plastic happy youth different slogans, such as font to cater to the younger generation of the requirements of personalized, and won many users. How packaging plastic bottles? Although in the present, green environmental protection packing to unity is not yet a complete definition, but generally speaking, to be able to cycle reuse, recycling, or degradation of corruption, and in the life of the product do not cause pollution to the human body and the environment moderate packaging, known as green packaging. However, green packaging meaning is the most important is to protect the environment, at the same time also with the significance of renewable resources. Green packaging throughout its life cycle in the process, follow the recycling economy of reduction, reuse, recycling economic activity behavior principle, make the environmental impact of packaging to a minimum. Flexible packaging industry in our country in the original valued wind-induced, stick to the root, the more highly energy saving, consumption reduction, reduction, enron, should stay in our modified plastic god to enhance skills, to deal with the title of the BOPP plastic film infectious. In plastic soft packing get steady development at the same time, the plastic flexible packaging enterprises should put more focus on the security problem of the plastic packaging. This plastic flexible packaging industry to achieve rapid development. Plastic packaging according to create green brand as the goal, always go ahead on this target.
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