Cosmetics packaging color design positioning cosmetics packaging material

by:Lisson     2020-05-16
Cosmetics packaging color design positioning cosmetics packaging color design in general, due to differences in cultural background, social roles, the be fond of of people of color is not the same, the same color in the eyes of different people have different effects. Men like strong, solid, enthusiasm is tonal, women prefer gentle and soft, lyrical tone. Children usually like red, yellow, Children like red, blue, green, and yellow; Young love red, blue, green, In old people like green, purple, blue. For cosmetics packaging color, can from the following several aspects: colour with different age age, consumer's understanding of things around and its many aspects, such as life attitude is different also, on the color of their psychological feeling is not the same. So consumers of different ages to have their own color understanding and feelings, so, in the cosmetics packaging design must first consider the problem. According to the survey found that young and middle-aged is main force cosmetics consumption, focused on the 20 - cosmetics consumer age 40 years old, the proportion is as high as 84. 6%, under the age of 20, small proportion of users over the age of 40. The survey also showed that consumers under the age of 30, cosmetics in the 150 - month consumption 200 yuan more, between 40. 3%; 30 - 40, consumers, the average monthly acceptable consumption in 150 yuan of the following 40. 7%; The 100 - 150 yuan accounted for 37% of consumption level, the difference is not big. But in old people older than 40 cosmetics consumption is low, 68. 8% of people willing to for cosmetics consumption per month under 50, no. This reflects the different ages people living habits and consumption idea have very big difference. In terms of colour slants red, young and middle-aged requirement for color also have their age characteristics. This part of the population generally favours neutral colors: purple and green. Because the blue, green wait for color, reminiscent of trees, grass and other plants, producing life, youth, and peaceful feeling. And purple reminiscent of the article such as flowers, crystal, easy generation and mysterious, noble feeling. So the color used in the cosmetics packaging will make young people produce these cosmetics use after long youth in feeling, is consistent with the purpose of people to buy cosmetics. Colour and sex with the development and progress of modern society, modern men in their external image is more and more exquisite. Male business activities increasingly frequent, healthy, sunshine man image will not only for our personal charm, but also a capable and energetic good impression to others. “ Judge a book by its cover & throughout; Is no longer a derogatory term. At present, the male is gradually increased demand for cosmetics, demand of male cosmetics is one of the biggest cleansing and moisturizing two kinds. The European and American countries, according to relevant data, male cosmetics market is increasing according to 25% annual growth rate; “ Designed for male service & throughout; The beauty of brand also increased by 40% since 2002. In each big market in our country, also has appeared the figure of male cosmetics counters. Cosmetics packaging color also gradually with the division of gender. Male cosmetics packaging color can not analogous to women of colour cosmetics, must conform to the male understanding of color and psychological needs. Usually, men prefer black and white and gray color. Black colorless, purity, give a person the feeling of solemn and quiet, serious, reserved,. White is the symbol of bright, clean, health, simple. Gray, as the most common neutral colors, don't like black and white will significantly affect the other color, any color can be blended and gray. Therefore, gray is universally applicable background color, can give a person with delicate, elegant, sedate, implicative, noble sense of civilization. So a lot of male cosmetics packaging color can choose the gray color as advocate tone. Female cosmetics packaging color than men to compare single situation is much more abundant, various colors are more widely used. Modern design master Johannes & middot; In accordance with the meal once said: only when compared with black, red the it will burst into the most powerful invincible superman's enthusiasm. Color and regional features in a sense is commodity faces. By distinguish between different regional consumer groups, use different color of cosmetics packaging, can have the effect of icing on the cake. That is to say, in addition to factors such as age, gender, in color design but also to the influence of the ethnic and regional characteristics and cultural background. Different countries, nations and regions, and likes and dislikes of the feelings of color is not the same. As & other; Throughout the world's factory &; China, have a lot of cosmetics are sold to foreign countries every year, designers can not the colour of their consciousness upon others. The same packaging decoration color cannot be used in different countries, different time and place. In addition, the use of packaging color also comply with the laws of social development. Through sum up can be found, pay attention to clean, refined Japanese people love white, black, green, grey, tea, more than seventy percent of the total number of its citizens. Romantic French for blue also has a special liking, so some well-known French cosmetics packaging is to use the different shades of blue. This is because the blue is one of the colors of the French flag, consumers will be by the same color with a country's national flag color combination is associated with product is grown. The earliest well-known cosmetics made in Shanghai, the collocation of the red. No, red symbolizes happiness, joy, warm, etc in China, so on the domestic cosmetics packaging color often have red to do an ornament.
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