Cosmetics bottles usually have what material

by:Lisson     2020-05-17
Cosmetics bottles of material is one of the packaging industry, divided into the overall packaging and part of the packaging material. Overall packaging usually cosmetics manufacturers to provide drawings or general requirements, completely to the packaging materials manufacturers, and some packaging materials are more subtle, more specific circumstances and requirements, divided into local printing, bottle packaging, bottle packaging. According to different types of cosmetics packaging, can also be specific outsource some small accessories. Cosmetics packaging material industry and cosmetics are closely linked together, now cosmetics industry overall homogeneity is promoting the value of packaging materials, and the personage inside course of study in recent years also calls for a low carbon, green packaging services. Cosmetics packaging material classification ( 1) PET for polyethylene terephthalate resin, it on the material designation number is the number one material. Its main feature is high air tightness, good compressive strength, water resistance is high, very transparent, its transparency is as high as 95%, than the rest of the transparency of the commonly used plastic packaging container are higher, but it is not heat resistant, it is often used in food, beverage bottle, cosmetic bottle packaging material. Because of its high air tightness, packaging container no wool stoma, so use it to make the packaging containers of alcohol is better. ( 2) HDPE for high density polyethylene, which is commonly known as the high density PE, it is the no. 2 on the international material designation number material. Its main feature is the acid and alkaline. Use it processed products made of translucent shape, heat tolerance is not very good, use it to make packaging container has a stoma. It is often used in chemical industry such as: the medicine bottle, cosmetics packaging materials packaging container. ( 3) PVC for polyvinyl chloride (PVC), it is the no. 3 on the international material designation number material, its main feature is transparent, heat resistance, early before the PET, it is replaced by PET, used in mineral water, fruit juice drinks, such as role is the biggest manufacturing building materials with water pipe, and wire enameled perimeter purposes. Made of packaging containers it will be a wool stoma, so should not use it to install wine. ( 4) Name of LDPE for low density polyethylene, namely said low density PE, it is on the material designation number 4 is qualitative, because its molecular density is low, so the softer than HDPE, use it processed into products are translucent, not heat-resisting, wool stoma, but it's acid and alkaline. Using this kind of material processed into the container is often used in chemical industry, cosmetics packaging materials such as: facial cleanser, salad, plastic water bottles, cosmetic hose, etc. ( 5) PP for polypropylene, it is on the material designation number 5 material, it belongs to high density material, processed into products with it translucent shape, heat resistance, impact resistance, acid and alkali resistance, but there are wool stoma. It is often used in hot filling packing food, microwave cooking utensils, the face of the high temperature food and general family expenses, gargle everyday items such as microwave level processing, such as: the measuring cup. ( 6) PS for polystyrene, it is on the international label material number 6 material, use it to processed into products of high transparency, good sealing, but fragile, no heat. It is often used for sealing cans, food processing. ( 7) PC for polycarbonate, it is on the international label material number 7 material, made of its processing products, transparent, high heat resistance, not easily broken. It is often used for bottles, distillation bucket, heat-resistant barrels, bottle processing. It belongs to the highest grade in plastic, but its price is the highest in the middle of the seven kinds of products. Dongguan xiang in the plastic factory professional for cosmetics, skin care products manufacturers to provide stable quality, fashion design of plastic packaging containers. Main product series include: acrylic bottle, plastic pump bottle series ( Imitation Aleck power) , cream bottle, cream bottle, mask, washing bottles, small gifts, etc.
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