Cosmetics bottles of suit design analysis

by:Lisson     2020-05-18
And other packaging is different, a lot of cosmetic packaging bottle set of procurement and sales. Because cosmetics are a series of a series of production design and sales. Complete sets of cosmetics bottles, which requires the overall concept design. Is not only the appearance style of integrity. On the combination of cosmetic bottle size are to be of supporting each other. Such as how the emulsion and the capacity of the water and cleanser. How each type of cosmetic bottle size collocation, the user in almost all just used up together. It is a good experience to the user. While the other is a combination of each categories of cosmetics on the cosmetic packaging requirements also will be different, it is also a combination of series cosmetics bottle packaging design should be considered for cosmetics bottle packaging, we hope that the relevant manufacturers and designers to more in-depth to understand, design conforms to the people using habit of packing. Dongguan xiang plastic products, in the ten years experience in research and development production of bottle blowing molding, to provide customized, wholesale services, production of various specifications of plastic packaging bottles, lotion bottles, suitable for cosmetics packaging, wide range of USES, free hotline: 0769 - 876388118
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