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by:Lisson     2020-05-18
Domestic cosmetics brand in the past two hundred and thirty years, from the international famous brand impact marginalised, now rise again, with foreign brands in the low-end market gradually formed a close, we have witnessed a cosmetics bottles of national enterprise struggle history. Now, for domestic cosmetics enterprises is facing a new bottleneck and breakthrough period. At this time, we think that is not only a cosmetic itself, on the cosmetic packaging bottle also needs to have new and more reasonable adjustment. Cosmetics bottles should be from two aspects. On the one hand, the domestic cosmetics bottle package is installed in the domestic market should try to highlight the national elements and outstanding product main elements, with the international well-known cosmetics brand cosmetics bottle packaging form differentiation in appearance, at the same time the acrylic bottles with cosmetics bottles of the feelings of the gap with the consumer, increase the favour of strong product in the consumers' mind, provide dynamic support for cosmetics sales. Domestic cosmetics, on the other hand, to obtain a bigger development space, walk in the way of internationalization, certainly in the international market, on the cosmetic packaging should be in line with international famous brand cosmetics cosmetics bottle packaging more close, thus to these areas of consumer habits cosmetics bottle packaging consumption psychology. There is another dimension, of course, is the domestic cosmetics will not meet in the low-end market, how to boost domestic market in high-end cosmetics cosmetics bottle packaging is also worthy of research direction. Cosmetics bottles as an important component of cosmetics, its good or not will also be related to the development of the domestic cosmetics enterprises. If need to purchase cosmetics, customized, wholesale is: WWW. xlfzpping。 Com dongguan cheung plastic products, in the ten years experience in research and development production of bottle blowing molding, providing customized, wholesale services, production of various specifications of plastic packaging bottles, suitable for cosmetics packaging, wide range of USES, free hotline: 0769 - 876388118
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