Cosmetics bottle screen printing technology is analysed

by:Lisson     2020-05-27
Cosmetics bottle screen printing technology is briefly: 1, glass bottles and plastic bottles printing edition fee, if the new specifications bottles and printing factory do not have the corresponding clamp the charge fee, but after will be the amount of screen printing process do to offset the measurements, such as turnover of more than 20000 can prevent this, GeChang family conditions have differences, individual screen printing screen printing fee is 50 - RMB 100 / a, jig cost 50 yuan/a. Hot stamping version fee is RMB 200 / a. 2, in the production of dominating printing bottles, should face up to avoid from ultra handling or collision, to prevent scratch the screen printing and production to choose reasonable disinfection preparation. 3, bulk printing cosmetics bottles before proofing, production after confirmation by screen printing production after being sent off, adjust cycle of 4 - Five days, depending on the screen printing difficulty and number of divisions. 4, plastic bottles, pop, ink and UV ink screen printing, UV printing ink widely dominating, word and figure have stereo feeling, more luster, not easily fade, can print multicolor, the impression that is more than 1000. 5, if the frosted glass bottle is wrong printed image from grinding process before, processing fee. 6. Individual as a wrapper class product graphic identity processing working procedure, has important influence on product image, so the craft request is higher. 7, whenever printing factory have bronzing, hot silver, such as processing, screen printing has manual, mechanical screen printing, pad printing and stick adhesive pad printing craft.
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