【 Cosmetic tube 】 The five key for future development of China mold casting steel

by:Lisson     2020-11-20
Cosmetics tube as a professional plastic products manufacturer, we are linked to the development of mold industry, to say, without the development of the mould, there is no the future of our cosmetic tube manufacturers, so we often focus on the development of mold, below, small make up for the future development of China mold casting steel said five focus, specific content is as follows:

the development of plastic mold industry in the next five years,
cosmetics tube factory to talk about: the five key for future development of China mold casting steel
according to the reports, mould casting steel industry in China in the future development mainly has five priorities:
first, improve the metallurgical quality, increase the varieties of specifications, the bad material products, the quality, this is our country mold casting steel industry development strategic target.
2, development, application and dissemination of new die steel, innovation is the basis of new mould casting steel industry development in our country. Third, to set up the mold material selection material expert system.
4, plastic die steel series is established.

the fifth, strengthen the application of surface treatment technology. This five is the important direction for the future development of die casting steel, as well as mould casting steel industry development in our country the only way.
summary: believe that all plastic products all the friends and cosmetic tube manufacturer, we believe that high quality of mold material to produce high quality mold, can also produce high quality plastic products to lay a good foundation, wouldn't you say so so? If you need more information about cosmetic pipe/vermicelli friend, please collect this site' www。 yhmoju。 com】

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