【 Cosmetic tube manufacturer 】 How to improve the mould machining process

by:Lisson     2020-11-20
Through professional cosmetics/lipstick tube factory processing suye years of practice has proved that the right processing technology, the high precision mould cavity surface roughness improve 1 - 1. Five times, you can make the mould service life is increased by 50%. This is very important for plastic mould. Below, cosmetic tube technology consultant to talk about how to improve the mould machining process? Specific content is as follows:
how to improve the mould machining process?
to improve mould machining process, will directly affect the service life of the mold and product quality. Due to the shape of the mould parts are varied and accuracy requirement is high, so in addition to using in the process of machining lathe, planer, and grinding machine and other general machinery processing equipment, also need to apply all kinds of advanced equipment.

the current structure of the complex requirements of mixed process special mould, a new processing method is different from the traditional mechanical processing Special processing mould has been rapid development. Using this method, does not require more hard than the workpiece material, tool material do not need to exert obvious mechanical force in machining process, but the direct use of electricity, chemical, light and sound energy was carried out on the workpiece processing, in order to achieve a certain shape size and surface roughness requirements.

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