Cosmetic hose knowledge

by:Lisson     2020-09-28

Flexible Tube printing for cosmetics is a printing method on metal hoses (tin-lead alloy, couples, etc.), laminated hoses, plastic hoses, etc.

Metal cosmetics hose printing is the use of the principle of indirect rubber roller transfer image and text to complete the printing.

At present, the toothpaste hose printing in China is made by the assembly line, and the tin and lead raw materials are imported into the eight inlet ports, and then the tubes are flushed, threaded, colored, printed, baked, locked and sealed until finally the packing is completed.

The printing plate used for cosmetic hose printing is usually copper plate, because copper plate has a higher printing resistance, the platemaking method is the same as the ordinary copper and zinc platemaking.

Cosmetic hose printing machine is mainly composed of plate cylinder, rubber cylinder, embossing drum set of hose, conveying mechanism, ink bucket and so on.

Cosmetics hose printing because the substrate is non-ferrous metal, so must be printed on the surface of the hose with a layer of white ink or other background ink before printing graphics and texts) before the formal printing graphics and texts, printing ink needs to dry quickly after printing the background color. Only after several colors can be printed, so the printed color is dried by the infrared drying device and then printed, as shown in Figure 6-12. The overprinting of images and texts is not done as traditional printing on embossing paper, but on three plate rollers, overprinting on the rubber blanket cylinder (the imprint is on the ground, so the overprinting does not overlap), and then transferring the three-color ink imprint to the hose on the embossing roller. The imprint lithography drum plate on the imprint lithography roller, but does not rotate, only after contact with the rubber roller, and rubber drum for the same line of speed rotation, the diameter of the imprint lithography drum plate and rubber drum diameter is the same, but the operation is different, rubber drum rotation, the imprint lithography drum plate rotation 90°, complete a hose printing.

After the cosmetic hose rotates once, leaving the rubber drum, the hose printing overprint is finished, followed by infrared irradiation to quickly dry the print and increase its brightness.

Toothpaste hose, hose shoe polish and medical ointment hose are printed in this way.

Metal hose printing ink, in addition to should have heat resistance, light resistance, but also because the hose in use will encounter extrusion and twists, and often encounter water and moisture, so the ink should be able to meet the above conditions. Hoses containing different substances, ink must also be able to resist the erosion of these substances.

Laminated tube is the Angle of the two substances of their respective advantages, framed composite hoses, make it has the advantages of both the hose, such as laminated hose by aluminum foil and plastic film, it has the advantages of wet resistance, weather resistance, can be printed and laminated, first make the graphic in the plastic film layer, and it's beautiful appearance, at the same time can also be printed after processing and molding, changed the way of printing, surface after molding first, so that you can use camera plastic in the form of gravure printing, after laminated, forming into laminated tubes.

Cosmetic hose printing due to the poor ink adhesion of plastic, the need for surface treatment before printing. Now the foreign use of hot pressing transfer method, the image and text printed on transfer paper (that is, coated kraft paper), color sequence for color printing of the opposite color sequence, and then on the surface coated with a layer of heat treatment can produce adhesion material, and then the transfer paper printed with the image and text contact surface, transfer under hot pressing.

Cosmetics hose packaging materials procurement

Cosmetics hose packaging materials are divided into the main container and auxiliary materials. The main container usually has: plastic bottle, glass bottle, hose, vacuum bottle. Auxiliary materials are usually: color box, outer box, middle box.

I. Plastic bottles

Cosmetics hose packaging materials are divided into the main container and auxiliary materials.

The main container usually has: plastic bottle, glass bottle, hose, vacuum bottle. Auxiliary materials are usually: color box, box, medium box,

1. Plastic bottles are usually made of PP, PE, K, AS, ABS, acrylic, PET, etc.

2. The cream bottles, caps, stoppers, gaskets, pump heads and dust shields commonly used in cosmetics with thick container walls are molded by injection; PET blowing bottle is formed in two steps, tube embryo is injected, and finished product packaging is blown bottle. Other containers such as thin walls of emulsion bottles, washing bottles for blow bottles.

3. PET material is environmental protection material with high barrier property, light weight, non-crushing property, chemical resistance and anti-resistance.

Type of steam resistant cosmetics hose

1. High temperature resistant cosmetic hose with cloth vapor adhesive:

1. Application: It is suitable for conveying saturated steam or superhot water not higher than 150℃.

2. Features: The rubber layer has good heat resistance. The blasting pressure of the high temperature resistant cosmetic hose is not less than 10 times of the working pressure.

Armored and coated steam high temperature cosmetic hose:

1. Application: It is suitable for conveying saturated steam or superhot water not higher than 150℃.

2. Features: The high-temperature cosmetic hose is wrapped with galvanized metal helix on the outer surface, which can effectively increase the strength of the tube and improve the pressure bearing capacity. Suitable for complex working conditions and high requirements for safe operation.

Ii. Teflon high temperature resistant cosmetic hose:

1. Application: widely used in chemical industry, machinery, electronics, electrical appliances, military industry, aerospace, pipelines, petroleum, spinning machine, electrical insulation, environmental protection and other economic fields.

2, features: appearance of fine structure, no mechanical impurities high strength, excellent chemical stability, corrosion resistance, sealing, self-lubricating non-viscosity, electrical insulation and excellent anti-aging ability, can be used at -60 ~ 250℃ for a long time, has a reliable and excellent corrosion resistance, used for conveying high temperature strong corrosive medium. And can be processed into O type, S type, type and other shapes, quality assurance.

1. High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high pressure resistance

Because this product adopts special high-grade polytetrafluoroethylene high temperature resistant cosmetic hose, high temperature resistant woven net and Japanese advanced technology stainless steel double screw high temperature resistant hose, suitable for high temperature, corrosion, high pressure special environment.

The product can withstand 250℃ high temperature steam inside the cosmetics hose at a pressure of 3kg/cm2, and the skin temperature does not exceed 60℃, ensuring the safety of operation.

This product can be normally used under steam pressure of 10kg/cm2.

2. It's light in weight and flexible

This product has been specially assembled and processed, and the whole length of 2m(including both ends of the joint) is only 500g. Greatly reduce the operator's working strength, and at the same time, strong flexibility, free bending, absolutely not kill the crip obstruction ventilation.

(3) strong resistance to destructiveness

This product is protected by Japanese advanced stainless steel double-locking spiral high temperature resistant hose, which can withstand 180kg pulling force without any damage during normal use.

(4) Durable

Combined with the advantages of this product, the service life is much longer than that of all kinds of steam high-temperature hose, it is unnecessary to change for a long time, which greatly reduces the use cost, improves the use efficiency, and is economical and practical.

Iii. Stainless steel pressure resistant metal high temperature resistant cosmetic hose:

1. Application: widely used in aviation, aerospace, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, papermaking, wood, textile, construction, medicine, food, tobacco, transportation and other industries.

2. Features: corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance (-196℃~+420℃), light weight, small volume, good softness.

Iv. Silica gel tube:

Any length within the diameter of 4-50mm, cold-resistant, high-temperature resistant, non-toxic and tasteless meet the requirements of food hygiene, coupled with glass fiber silica gel tube, its moisture-proof and pressure-resistant performance is stronger. The main specifications are diameter 9.5 and 12.7, wall thickness 3.5, pressure ≤ 0.3mpa, used for peristaltic pump mouth to generate vacuum through the pump head rolling and rolling the pump pipe

How to open the door of cosmetic hose packaging

In response to the ever-changing production requirements of PBL plastic composite hose manufacturers, a new cap positioning technology has been developed. This technology will allow customers to expand from the competitive market of health product hose packaging and toothpaste tubes to the more attractive and image-demanding market of cosmetics and personal care products.

Traditionally, the cosmetic market has been dominated by plastic extrusion hoses. The extruded tube body, the moulded tube shoulder and the high-quality printing jointly create the exquisite product image. However, technical development has gradually improved the production process of composite hose, reducing the difference in quality between extruded hose and composite hose. Today, composite hoses have reached a whole new height in appearance and are beginning to earn their place in the highly regarded cosmetic packaging market.

As the most critical step in this development process, the SAESA composite hose production facility is able to position the clamshell according to the hose design to achieve a perfect appearance. The successful development of this new process provides hose suppliers and users with a new option: significantly reducing production costs without making too many concessions on hose quality, thus effectively enhancing competitiveness.
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